Difficulties with the use of gel varnish?

Трудности при использовании гель-лаков?

Each manicure includes service coverage nail gel lacquer, because it is a very convenient material to work with, looks great and dries quickly. Modern manufacturers of gel varnish affect a variety of hues, so that the wizard could meet the needs of all customers. Buy quality gel nail Polish is not difficult, but sometimes there are difficulties with the use and storage.

The change in the structure of the gel-Polish (delamination or discoloration)

The price of gel varnish is hardly affordable, but buy wizard and expect long term use. There are situations when a bottle of gel-Polish trusted brand does not meet the quality: sediment colour pigment, changing texture, separation of the nail, discoloration, dull appearance, etc. As will cope with the separation, and how to restore the gel Polish?

How to fix it? First of all, every artist should know that the gel nail is a complex polymer with a color pigment that hardens when exposed to UV rays. Not following the rules and the technology of production is fraught with subsequent destruction of the structure of the gel-Polish, so you should only buy brand varnishes and in specialized retail outlets. Every self-respecting manufacturer is liable for its products, any other gel polishes it may be money wasted!

Трудности при использовании гель-лаков?

Gel-lucky spoil!

The gel lacquer coating for nail has a shelf life, that is, a certain amount of time for which all of its parts will stick together and do not delaminate. The use of gel-Polish longer term means the delamination of the coating on the nail clients.

How to fix it? No! Buy gel lacquers only on the specified date of manufacture and with a final date of use, do not forget that since the opening of the vial shelf life becomes much smaller (every seller should know this). When you purchase please read all labels and check with seller-consultant, so you will spend money on a quality product.

Трудности при использовании гель-лаков?

Color changing gel-Polish

This means that there is a violation of storage conditions recommended by the manufacturer.

How to fix it? Store the gel lacquers in a dark place, while applying the nail Polish bottle place away from UV emitter. Even if you bought the gel Polish in a dark container, make no mistake and hide it in a dark place! Violation of rules of storage of gel varnish will not return to their original properties, so you will incur a loss.

Трудности при использовании гель-лаков?

Loss of color pigment in the sediment!

Some gel polishes can create the visible effect of stratification, but it doesn’t matter if the gel nail is composed of mother of pearl and diamond dust. The consistency of the basis of such coverage are not able to hold heavy particles of additives and they settle to the bottom.

How to fix it? Method shake the bottle with gel varnish is not suitable, it is not a simple decorative lacquer. From strong shaking in the structure of the varnish appears air bubbles, and they will interfere with the proper application of the nail. Varnish is acquired uniformity, simply turn the bottle smooth movements a couple of times.

Трудности при использовании гель-лаков?

Nail gel lacquer looks impressive only on the well-kept hands. For skin care of your hands, we recommend cosmetics company Aqua Mineral. Useful article will help you learn more about this cosmetic company.

From the safety and long life gel varnish depends on the reputation and welfare of the wizard. Don’t neglect some tips:

  • not popular gel-lucky scroll in order to avoid stagnation and sedimentation;
  • offer colored gel polishes all customers and encourage them so that you had the opportunity to work with all shades;
  • stir the gel Polish at least 3 hours before nail coating;
  • buy colored gel polishes as needed or on demand among the clients.

Трудности при использовании гель-лаков?

Трудности при использовании гель-лаков?

Proper storage of gel varnish and attentive approach to each client will offer an excellent reputation and increase revenue!

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