Diet the grapefruit and egg

Диета грейпфрут и яйцоIt is known that diet the grapefruit and egg is a popular method of losing weight stars. Many famous people have lost extra weight with this babe. The technique offers the grapefruit diet and the egg is very simple, but has a quick result, which is easy to fix. This diet cannot be applied more than one week. The basic principle of the diet is a combination of citrus fruits and proteins. This diet egg white and grapefruit has many options and variations. It is popular because tested by ordinary people repeatedly.

Express diet. You need to eat only eggs and grapefruit. With this power have a chance to lose 3 kg in 2 days. Breakfast start with one egg, half a grapefruit and a slice of rye bread. Add to these products Cup of coffee or tea without sugar. Lunch is much stricter than Breakfast, because you can eat only the egg and grapefruit, not including the bread. As a liquid, use water, coffee and tea. Dinner can be a little more filling in the sense that supposed to eat a couple of eggs and grapefruit. To apply such a diet must be for 2-3 days.

diet grapefruit and egg. Includes diet egg white and grapefruit, which are designed for 4 days. Will you lose weight by 2-3 kg Contrast to the first variant is that the diet you can include potatoes in cooked form.

So Breakfast start with grapefruit juice. Besides it, you can eat egg, hard-boiled and coffee. If you prefer tea, it always add a slice of lemon or juice. Lunch can vary puree with milk, add a slice of Apple. Take coffee or tea with lemon. Dinner will include tomato juice, grapefruit, egg and tea.

– a third option. On many websites diet the grapefruit and egg, reviews collects very rapidly, because it is known for its efficiency and affordability. Option number 3 is designed for a week, after which you will lose about 7 kg Please note that it is very strict, so before you decide to apply you need to consult with your doctor regarding the condition of your stomach and intestines. Diet diet grapefruit and egg in this case to share by the day. The first day you should eat only 4 grapefruit. The second day eat only fat-free cottage cheese, but not more than 400 grams. The third day includes reception only 6 eggs. Necessarily boiled. On the fourth day are allowed to eat 600 grams of cooked beetroot. Note that this type of diet does not prevent excessive use of water. Beware only from the water at night, because there is a risk of waking up with severe edema. On the fifth day you can afford fish cooked with a rate of 400 Gy for the whole day. On the sixth day diet grapefruit and egg allows you to eat only 4 grapefruit, spreading them throughout the day. The seventh day of this diet gives real joy, because you are allowed to eat 400 grams of boiled meat, spreading it throughout the day.

So the result that you have achieved, was maintained for a long period, you need to stay away from sweets and pastries. Stick to a healthy diet, and diet egg white and grapefruit will be a boon for your body. It is because of eating grapefruit is full body cleansing.

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