Diet 5 with pancreatitis

Диета 5 при панкреатитеPancreatitis is a disease of the pancreas, is an inflammatory nature, requires treatment. Diet plays an important role in the treatment of disease. Diet 5 when pancreatitis is recommended in the acute form of the disease, and complications of chronic model of pancreatitis. The main task of proper nutrition consists in the inhibition of disease development. Also diet prevents degeneration and fatty infiltration. Diet is a low calorie, includes physiological dose of protein, excludes from the diet of carbohydrates and fats. Diet for pancreatitis and cholecystitis 5 must be prescribed by a doctor, the rate of compliance with such nutrition is about a week.

Daily dose of protein 80 grams of carbs – 200g and fat – 60g. Approximate Energoatomizdat is 1700 kcal. The daily ration is about three pounds, the liquid – 2l litre salt – 10g. Diet 5 of pancreatitis and cholecystitis recipes made in such a way that all dishes are steamed, boiled meat. All meals are semisolid and liquid appearance, meals should be six.

Diet 5 of pancreatitis menu for the week includes the following products:

– wheat bread dried – daily dose of 5 – g;

– soup of vegetables with cereals (in rare cases permitted cream soup boiled meat);

– lean meat (poultry, rabbit, beef);

– lean fish (cod, perch, carp, perch);

– steamed puddings, cottage cheese, milk added to dishes, sour curd;

– scrambled eggs for a couple, no more than two boiled eggs;

– mineral water, light tea, chamomile or rose hips.

Subject table 5 diet for pancreatitis rerecommended to apply nutritional support is a power in any other way, not eating. This applies to a fat emulsion infusion mixtures, which include insulin, glucose, electrolytes, amino acids.

Diet 5 chronic pancreatitis involves complete elimination of fried foods, spices, herbs, onions, sorrel, products that have succumbed to Smoking. Please note, the diet of this type do not allow the consumption of sausages, canned food, confectionery and weaknesses. Also pay attention to the alcohol – he should be excluded from the diet at the first sign of the disease, in order to avoid irreversible consequences. Diet number 5 of pancreatitis excludes from the menu, chocolate, ice cream and other sweets.

Menu diet 5 of pancreatitis:

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with protein for a couple or crushed buckwheat steamed tea;

Breakfast No. 2 soufflé made with dried apricots and tea;

Lunch – soup / souffle fish;

Snack – cottage cheese, tea from rose hips;

Dinner – souffle meat souffle carrots;

At night it is recommended to drink a decoction of rose hips. Net intake of sugar is 15 grams of biscuits 50g.

Diet 5 menus for the week recipes pancreatitis can be varied by using different non-prohibited products at its discretion.

Diet 5 of pancreatitis recipes:

To prepare the salad of beets and prunes we need sour cream (20g), prunes (30g), beets (100g). Boiled beets should be removed from measles, then cut into strips or grate on a coarse grater. Prunes are finely chopped and soaked in some time to mix with beets. If desired, add salt, mix with sour cream.

You can also cook boiled perch. Parsley (5g), sea bass (100g), carrots (10g). Fish cleaned and rinsed, divided into pieces, the way carrots and parsley. Cook perch necessary in salted water. Please note, the food must be thoroughly chewed, eaten slowly.

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