КриомассажSince ancient times, the cold was one of the supporting factors youth and beauty of skin. Cryomassage – is a procedure, which represents treatment of various skin problems and a person with a cold, more precisely with the help of liquid nitrogen. Directly, of course, the treatment does not occur, because it can cause serious damage to the skin, and all occurs with the use of the airbag, which is a conductor temperature and prevents frostbite.

Facial cryomassage liquid nitrogen contributes to solving problems such as inflammation of the skin, burning the warts helps when peeling and seborrhea person. Also facial cryomassage leads to the improvement of metabolic processes, and also helps remove metabolic products and toxins, cleans pores and cures for pimples.

КриомассажFacial cryomassage reviews can receive only positive, because this procedure treats our skin, helps to look younger and beautiful, and in addition to the cosmetic effect, it has medicinal properties.

Cryomassage liquid nitrogen very useful procedure. She has virtually no side effects, if all rules of conduct and indications for her, and she has almost no side effects because it is not in contact with the skin directly. This procedure is popular and the fact that it does not require a recovery period.

Cryomassage head and scalp cryomassage helps treat diseases such as seborrhea, itchy skin of the head, and if the woman has been slow hair growth or their poor condition, for example, section or loss. This procedure is to spread in the field of trichology due to its medicinal properties.

КриомассажCryomassage nitrogen in the area of the head, first leads to narrowing of blood vessels, and then to their expansion, which leads to improvement of blood circulation and proper circulation of useful substances. Cryomassage reviews receives positive, because this procedure allows you to get rid of peeling and inflammatory processes on the skin. Also, women with bold type of hair say thank you криомассажу, because it helps to balance and align sebum and hair look longer clean, beautiful and healthy.

Not every woman can afford at least every few months to visit beauty salons, so cryomassage at home you can undertake on their own. This can be a very simple means, instead of liquid nitrogen. You can take a decoction of camomile, pour into molds for ice and заморожить, and then every morning and evening clean face. But remember that a person should not just wipe and do the massage movements within half an hour, to achieve the effect.
Cryomassage price depends on the number of prescribed procedures and of their intensity. The average price for a procedure to be in the range from RUR 400 to 800-850 rubles. To achieve a good effect, it is necessary at least to 12-16 procedures. I would also like to mention that in St. Petersburg there is a wonderful the tone of the club for women they are in good environment to put in order the painful parts of the body and maintain overall body.

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