Courses manicure and pedicure in the educational centre “the Leader”

Курсы маникюра и педикюра в образовательном центре "Лидер"

The profession the master of nail service over the last few years has gained immense popularity, especially among young girls. Regular folk can say that this is not a profession. It is not so! Professional nail technician should possess aesthetic taste, to have the skills of a psychologist and be able to bring beauty to all people. The beauty of the hands involves constant care for their health, using procedures of manicure.

Having received professional training in the field of nail service, every girl can regularly care for their hands, to have a job that brings income and moral satisfaction, to build your business in the service sector, which will become a fact of life. Modern women (and many men too) want to be beautiful always, therefore, the business of manicurist will be in demand more than one season. The training is an investment, for the development and creation of your business!

In the media posted various ads for training of future masters of manicure and pedicure, but what courses to choose? A major educational center “Leader” in Moscow this is it! Here teachers are professionals in their field and they are not only trained to do manicures and pedicures, but also work successfully in this field. These are helpful in learning, and here you can gain invaluable experience and consolidate knowledge.

In the center of the “Leader” taught not only how to properly care for hands and feet. Here you will learn the arrangement of the workplace for stationary work and when working out, proper handling of tools for manicure, learn to communicate and attract customers.

Курсы маникюра и педикюра в образовательном центре "Лидер"

Turning for the first time in the educational center “Leader” you can get all the required information. Very conveniently located courses manicure and pedicure, because you can pick up an individual schedule for yourself. Group work in the morning and evening, or weekend classes. Can’t visit the “Leader” can use online learning. Small groups up to 12 people, it is necessary to ensure that the master teacher was able to devote enough time to each student.

For their 15 years of successful existence, the training center “Leader” produced many great masters of nail service. Employers are constantly bid on graduates who completed a full course of manicure and pedicure in the centre “Leader”, because you know, here prepare real professionals. The training program is designed so that students in a short time learn the intricacies of manicure and pedicure and quickly learn a new profession.

So, why choose courses manicure and pedicure in “Leader”?

  1. Convenient schedule of training and qualified teachers with many years of experience.
  2. After the course each graduate centre will be able to do manicure or pedicure at home .
  3. Practical work with models occupies more than 85% of the whole training.
  4. Obtaining certificates of completion of training courses that expand your options in finding a high paying job, to work in salons and good reputation and clientele. Certificates of completion of courses manicure and pedicure “Leader” are issued in English.
  5. Retraining and advanced training.
  6. Have the opportunity to become a teacher courses manicure and pedicure in Moscow and abroad.
  7. Preparation of high quality masters and prize-winners of competitions nail design that allows you to expand its capabilities.

Курсы маникюра и педикюра в образовательном центре "Лидер"

To enroll in courses manicure and pedicure services in Moscow and other cities where there is a branch of the training center “Leader” at any time. Becoming the student center you will receive invaluable experience, a unique interaction with people, and you will definitely find new friends! Only courses from a “Leader” you will become a true master of nail service!

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