Coconut oil for hair

Кокосовое масло для волосAs you know, the most effective ways to shop are natural ingredients. Coconut oil is no exception. Also it is used in folk medicine or cooking and benefit the body as a whole. But quite often women use coconut oil for hair. It is also a mask for the skin care of the face and hands, cream to strengthen nails. This article will describe what the benefits of coconut oil for hair. Homemade coconut oil for hair has a useful composition, 90% of which are fatty acids: Kaprova, myristic, palmitic, including lauric acid, Caprylic and capric acids, linolenic, arachidonic, oleic, stearic. It is not necessary to pretend that this oil is contraindicated for oily hair, on the contrary, it is useful if used correctly. Due to its composition of the oil is well absorbed and effective. Coconut oil hair mask is suitable for all types of curls. But is the most efficient for weak, split, dry and damaged hair. It can be added to shampoo, mask, or used independently. Coconut oil for hair recipes: a few drops of coconut oil is distributed in full hair and skin using the comb. This solution is kept on the hair for an hour, then curls wash as usual. It is worth noting that the oil is not sticky and washes off easy way. In the presence of dry bands, can be a little to nourish, after each shampooing, apply on the locks oil, but very little that the hair does not become greasy. Mandatory costs to process the tips of the hair after each wash hair. Also perfect coconut oil for hair growth, because the oil evenly coats each hair and protects it from external influences, which often causes breakage of hair. Coconut oil for dry hair – they become more resistant to mechanical impacts (use of Hairdryers, Curling, drying towel, combing and loses less protein when shampooing. Mask for hair coconut oil is necessary on the sea, because, as you know, the sun is detrimental to the overall condition of the hair. Coconut oil for hair application: locks, it is important to spread the oil, before going to the beach, and return with him. If you regularly use coconut oil for hair, the hair is lush, shiny and silky. Hair will have a healthy appearance, elasticity, strength and softness. Better change the condition of the skin. But due to the antibacterial action of coconut oil will disappear dandruff and other fungi. Coconut oil for hair reviews: Elena, 27 years..never thought about that hair needs care and then at some point, somewhere heard about such a simple way, as Kosovo oil, decided to try it – no regret. Now use it regularly. I still want to try to put the mask on your face.” Julia, 37 years “… use coconut oil instead of balm, the smell is pleasant, the result is positive”. In the best case, you must choose homemade butter, if this is not possible it can be purchased at the pharmacy, it must be refined oil. Remember that coconut oil can be used in pure form only for hair, for face it is necessary to dilute the oils in the composition should be no more than 10%, for hands and body – approximately 30%. If on the hair, apply more oil than required, they will lose their natural Shine and fade.

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