Coconut oil for hair use

кокосовое масло для волосFor pressed coconut oil, which has useful cosmetic properties, are dried and ground flesh of a coconut. In the times of Cleopatra rich beauties were applied coconut oil to improve the appearance of hair, as a valuable moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating natural remedy. Today there is a choice among cosmetic products but the coconut oil has not lost its relevance. This product is quite affordable, and any woman can afford it. Natural unrefined coconut oil from Thailand in the normal state is presented in the form of a pale yellow, thick and opaque hardish mass, with coconut smell.

So, what is the benefit of using coconut oil during hair care? According to research, using this type of oil, before washing the head, it is possible to achieve significant reduction of protein loss from hair, often vyriausiojo when washing with shampoo. As you know protein is the main building material for the structure of the hair lost which can weaken the structure, causing breakage and hair loss.

This problem will save hair mask with coconut oil, which differs from other types of oils that are evenly distributed along the length of the hair, forming a protective layer, prevent hair damage at the time of washing, exposure to towel drying and combing.

It is recommended in particular to use coconut oil for those who have dry, damaged, weak, thin, dull, split ends and brittle hair. Means characteristic excellent nutritional and regenerating properties, which have the ability to return hair to its natural Shine and natural forces, the restoration of the structure of the hair rods, giving light volume, softness, smoothness and silkiness. Thanks to moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the head prevents the drying of the hair in the future. This reduces the degree of their chemical, mechanical and thermal type injuries. The regular application of coconut oil to stop hair fall, and dandruff is not formed.

How apply hair mask with coconut oil? The first method is applied to the scalp coconut oil forty minutes before washing. And to implement this process, the oil takes a bit to melt to a liquid state (water bath). Then evenly distribute it along the length of the hair, and don’t forget to RUB into the scalp. After applying oil wrap your head with plastic wrap, top wrap a warm towel that will deliver to enhance the effectiveness of its impact. Later wash your head with shampoo for the hair.

To use in another way. First, the hair is washed with shampoo, but instead of balm lubricated with coconut oil. After 10 minutes the oil is washed off with repeated shampooing. The frequency of use of coconut oil is equal to two times throughout the week. In the presence of mixed type of hair, when the roots are more greasy, and the ends brittle and split ends to lubricate them at night with coconut oil. In the morning wash off the oil with warm water, or wash your hair with shampoo.

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