Coating Meeks

Покрытие минксIn today’s market beauty recently appeared Hollywood minx manicure, it is important to note that he immediately became current among the stars of show business. This is justified because the coating Meeks — this is an interesting technology that provides for the attachment of a special sticker to the nail, used for this purpose is a UV lamp.

The advantages of coating Meeks

First of all, it should be noted a huge range of colors (about 350). Then highlight the protection of the nail plate from mechanical or thermal effects. Long-term: pedicures does not lose color and Shine for 21 days, and the manicure has a perfect appearance in two weeks. Nakleechka has no odor and does not cause any allergic reactions. To remove film from the nail does not need to apply any medications on a chemical basis. This coating has no similarities with other kinds of nail Polish, which makes it quite interesting.

Salon performing manicures minx

Initially a manicure, it is desirable to do from a professional, because the lack of necessary skills to face challenges, such as, “how fixed film” or “when and how to apply UV lamp”. Step by step procedure performed by a salon employee:

  • first of all, the procedure will be conducted either European or cut manicure (depending on the wishes of the client);
  • further, the film must be heated by the ultraviolet lamp light, and attached to the nail plate;
  • by filing, you can delete the unnecessary parts nakleechki.

Coating minx nails photos show how the original is like this style. However, this manicure is not available to all, given that its cost is quite high. But about any celebration be sure to try and enjoy all the advantages of this manicure.

The implementation of marigolds on modern technology minx independently

The fairer sex have already mastered studying the manicure at home and shared all the nuances. First of all, it is recommended to be patient and most importantly not in a hurry, as if in the salon this procedure lasts about 30 minutes, at home it may take an hour (sometimes more). Note: to do a minx manicure only after consultation with a specialist manicure case, who has been trained in a professional institution and received a certificate of the state type.

Materials and tools

To do this manicure you need to have nail scissors, glass nail file and stickers minx (shrink wrap, which is a patented hard coating, obtained thanks to a special technology). Also need to buy orange stick and the preparation degreasing action. Remember, stickers minx you do not fix without a UV lamp.

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