Cleansing the body

Очищение организмаSlag generated in the human organism from toxic and harmful substances that get into the body through the digestive and respiratory organs, through the skin, all with what a person has to touch. This may include taking medications, nitrates, preservatives, can also be attributed, noise and vibration. If it all accumulates in the human body can cause the development of various diseases, and the body fails.

There are signs that indicate there are toxins in the body:
– fatigue;
– fatigue;
– mood swings (irritability).

Later joins allergies, eye disease, the skin becomes dry and changes color. To all this, if you do not remove toxins damage the internal organs (stomach, heart, tumor).

The human body is designed so if he was in danger, he begins to certain signals (no appetite, increased fatigue and nervousness). Of course, you can prevent the formation of slag, but who would abandon coffee and tea, different sweets, also affects alcohol and Smoking. Couldn’t refuse, then one way cleansing the body of toxins.

Remove waste must, subject to certain sequence, namely:
– stomach
– intestines;
– liver;
– light.

Next turn came to cleanse the kidneys, blood and lymph vessels. The next stage – the joints and connective tissue.

If it is money you can clear the body in a clinic specialist, be under his supervision. The cost of 25000рублей. The amount for someone impressive, but you can clear the body of the house. There is methods of cleansing the body of toxins before you choose, you need to get advice from a doctor. No need to postpone for a long time this procedure, because the body is not able to cope with this problem, and toxins in the meantime the accumulated accumulated in the tissues, bones, joints, kidneys, intestines.

Every day foods to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals. These products will help to get rid of unwanted substances.

You can spend the cleansing of the body rice. Rice will help get rid of edema, will lead to normal liver and kidneys. It is a salt-free diet and carry it to 2 months, 2 times a year, not more than (Fig has a property to collect minerals). To determine whether a person cope with this type of cleaning is possible within 3 days, use the following way. In food use only rice that has been pre-washed, pour boiling water over 1 centimeter, cook until soft. Also you can spend and rice prevention. Figure should be washed and stored in the refrigerator in a glass jar, rice with cold water. Next every morning on an empty stomach take a freshly cooked rice (cook for 5 minutes) taken from banks. Water should be changed every day. As a result, such prevention, the body recovers metabolism, extra pounds gone.
 So you can create a cleansing of the body herbs. Carried out 2 times in year. Use herbs such as nettle tea (tea), dandelion, horsetail. But if a person has a chronic disease, you should consult with a doctor and choose the most suitable option.
To cleanse the body also helps massage – it increases circulation, cleanses the blood vessels. Massage is very convenient to use table-transformer – convenient for both the patient and the therapist.
Cleansing the body of toxins reviews quite impressive. From the body of toxins and harmful substances, the body begins to normalize its work, the person feels much better.

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