Classic pedicure

Классический педикюр фотоPedicure is one of the most popular sanitary procedures in cosmetology. It is advisable to conduct the procedure once a month. For a good example, you can show classic pedicure video the lesson. Where the wizard steps shows all the details and you easily can do it at home. (Videos can be found at the end of the article)

Well-groomed feet, especially if it is summer, complete the image. The main thing to remember, that need to be cleaned very carefully.

Every day salons offer a number of novelties in the field of care, yet the most popular are: pedicure or classic.

When натоптышах, blistered, rough skin, come to the aid of classic cut pedicure. The procedure is extremely delicate, because of possible cuts, and it is fraught with different abscesses, microbes, and worse unpleasant disease. If all of the same cut, then carefully treat the wound and watch within a few days.

A visit to a beauty should be avoided, if you are not clear wounds, disease of the nail plate, peeling skin, in this case immediately consult your dermatologist.

Classic manicure and pedicure is first of all the observance of sanitary norms. Therefore, having come in a precarious beauty, better control processing tools, otherwise leave from sin to continue. The master must be equipped with all the necessary hygiene items, sterilizers, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Procedure is done very carefully.

Classic pedicure technology holding not complicated. And so, consider classic pedicure how to do.

  1. Start with the cuticle. Carefully separate the cuticle from claw, circumcise both sides of the nail and подпиливаете. Then, moderately hot tub with soap solution, lower legs. Keep no more than 20 minutes.
  2. Remove the first one leg, tweezers’re trimming cuticles, then the remnants of the skin and claw on the sides of the fingers. Put again in the water for 1-2 seconds, after which a special pumice RUB his heels.
  3. Many artists love to use when cleaning the legs of the blade, but if you have such a need, it is better to do without it.
  4. The final step – равняете nail files form, apply a moisturizing and pre-selected Lac. That’s probably all your heels and toes are ready.

Actually, there are many ways to do this procedure. If you are afraid to trim yourself, then come to the aid of scrubs. The so-called SPA – pedicure. Today he enjoyed great popularity.

You conveniently have in the chair, treated to the warm tea, soft music, legs rubbed special fruit scrub, then lowered into the paraffin bath, put special socks and in this condition leave for 30-40 minutes. After removal of paraffin, heels are like a baby.

Not less popular is pedicure. Spend without soaking. The processing is done through a special machine. Before you begin any of the wizard handles your heels and cuticle special means to soften. Waiting for 15-20 minutes and starts the procedure. Length is removed by special cutting pliers, skin around the nail is removed small nozzles, heels and toes larger.

After the completion of the applied a special agent for the treatment of stop. This procedure is carried out at least two months. Time will take about two hours.

Say what type of better difficult. Because it all depends on your needs and the structure of the skin. Some заростает quickly, others more slowly. Plus master, there are those who give themselves to work and conscience do, and there is superficially to go and in a week it is necessary again to flee into beauty.

In one word, the procedure is very pleasant and not less important. So pamper yourself at least sometimes hikes in beauty salons.

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