Classic cut manicure step by step in the home

Классический обрезной маникюр шаг за шагом в домашних условиях

Manicure is a necessary hygienic treatment for the hands. The technique of classical trim manicure is capable to master every woman, without any extra financial expenditure.

To make a classic cut manicure to prepare a standard set of materials tools:

  • disinfectant;
  • tool for softening cuticle;
  • баффик for grinding;
  • scissors for cutting the cuticle or tongs;
  • nail file nail abrasive 240×240 grit (not less than 180);
  • metal dealer or wand of orange tree removal птеригия with nails and отодвигания cuticle;
  • hand cream;
  • cuticle oil.

Step-by-step performance of the classic trim manicure:

1. Process the hands of any disinfectant.

2. Means for removing the varnish remove the old coating.

3. Nail files to form the required length and shape of the nails (the first times you can use a pair of scissors and polished бафом). Rasp is necessary only from the corners to the center of the smooth not jerky movements, прикладвая nail to nail plate at a slight angle.

4. Prepare a dish for manicure: hot water+soap+sea salt. Before diving fingers in a dish apply to cuticle tool to soften.

5. After 15 minutes dealer or an orange stick push back cuticles, delete птеригий, clean under your fingernails.

6. Time to cut cuticles, burrs and rough code околоногтевых cylinders. Work tweezers must be careful not to damage the «live» the skin, cut begin from the side of the cushion to the center of the cuticle without interruption. Incorrect circumcision cuticle or damage that may lead to regrowth of jagged nail, so you can carry infection and lose the nail.

7. After processing all fingers rinse hands with plain water and get all the bumps.

8. Massage the cream for the hands. Cream you can use any nourishing, moisturizing, soothing, rejuvenating etc.

9. On the cuticle apply the oil and medicinal covering (if necessary).

10. Design or coated nail choose for yourself, you can do it once and you can walk and so.

For the first time, you can go down to the saloon and see how does a professional master of manicure. Through independently several times executed manicure, you can at any time to keep the hands in a healthy condition.

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