Choosing a manicure for the wedding

Every bride concerned with the question of how exactly it will look at the wedding. Because in this day every detail is important, and manicure no exception. On this day you should be ideal, and hands must be well groomed, with a beautiful manicure. All cameras will be focused on you will shoot moments painting, the exchange of rings. It is therefore important not only to make a beautiful manicure and make the right choise to dress, hairstyle.

Choosing a wedding manicure

The length of the nail and the form can anyone is a matter of taste. But do not make too long nails, it is better to choose variants of medium length. Having defined the length and shape, you may start choosing manicure.

Looks good three-dimensional design. This option is perfect for celebrations. Using this method you can make nails such that they will be difficult to look away, so if you choose this type do not overdo it.

Looks nice aquarium design. It gets its name from creating the illusion that the image on the nail is under glass aquarium. This option is useful and what is on top of the selected picture can be applied to any Polish, with this initial design will not suffer. When you select this option, manicure important not to overdo it, to not hurt the image in General.

At the ceremony should be ideal: wedding host will make toasts, keep a feast at which you should be irresistible. And your nails are not an exception, however, many do simple French manicure, which looks great with any dress. Holding glass, hand of the bride, as it were, this option simply irresistible. Handle bride with this option manicure refined, it seems fragile. Don’t they say that it is the French manicure gives femininity.

This option can be done in the home, but it is better to trust a professional. And for those who decide to do this option yourself, you will need:

  • lacquer for foundations;
  • lacquer-fixer;
  • lacquer white color;
  • Lac pale pink or flesh-colored.

First on the nail basis is applied. Then it is pink or beige varnish to the level of отросшего nail. That the result does not spoil, to dry ground. Next on the tips of applied white lacquer, wait until dry. After that, on the whole nail applied lacquer-fixer.

In addition to these, you can do any other options manicure is up to you.

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