Chinese painting step by step

Chinese painting step by stepIn this article I want to tell you how to open a flower on Chinese painting technology-wise. To perform this design you will need, as always – a flat synthetic brush and acrylic paint. The color is chosen arbitrarily, but do not forget the main rule – paint should be in harmony with each other, as well as being close to the real color of the flower being drawn (we all know, what are roses, lilies and chrysanthemums, etc.) One corner brush dunks in one color with each other and make 2.1 smear on paper to make a smooth transition.
After that, start to build the lower tier of petals. Move your hand so as to create a sort of wave – then you get a nice foundation. Lobes do not less than five, if there where dispersed – the top seven.
The next level generated in the same way, but the petals have to be shorter, so as not to overlap the bottom layer. And do not forget that you should always keep the brush darker edge to the middle, as in the flower – the closer to the edge of the lighter petal.
The middle of a rose is the same as the bud – we do, how-to smile brush the top of the first, and then on top of it lower. Do it at the edge of the petals.
To make the flower more lush, under bud add a few petals.

Chinese paiting step by step

Rose Sheet done in two easy steps. We print on brush with two colors – dark green and pale yellow. After shading leaves a wave-like motion, starting from the widest part of the tip. Making the first one half of the sheet, then another. The middle of a little paint on a fine brush (a strip center). You can make a sprig of leaves, made ​​by one stroke, and the tabulation of the outer edge of the green paint. Add a few random curls – and the result will surpass myself.
In this case, the main thing – do not lose heart! If you see that do not achieve the desired result – no problem! Try more, watch the video theme, train movement by hand. Create a rose is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.
Little training – and under your pens will reveal beautiful roses!


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