Chinese painting nails

Chinese painting

Experts in fashion and design professionals in the nail with one voice saying that the culture of the East enjoyed a special interest in the 21st century. The most interesting thing is that this interest from the female half of the population is noticeable in everything – from clothes, shoes and accessories, Chinese painting and finishing polish. Most women are tired of all sorts of cosmic abstractions completely unimaginable colors and textures.Nowadays, women are attracted to the simplicity and naturalness, harmony in all that surrounds them. A folk motifs, painting traditions of world cultures, and Chinese painting on nails that are perfect to help.
Many people really are tired of the cosmic abstractions obscure colors and textures on the nails. Today, women want the naturalness and simplicity, comfort and harmony in all things. A natural motifs and traditions of world cultures and learned Chinese painting on nails perfectly in this can help.

According to the philosophers – an organic feel to the world around him positively and accept this for what it is, perhaps, only in the natural environment. Chinese painting nails fully reflect this statement. After using this technique is best obtained by the flowers – one of the most beautiful creations of nature – in all their diversity of species and colors.

If you are using Chinese painting for nails at your fingertips there is a tool with a rich greenhouse flowers, any of which you can put on your nails. It can be layered peony, lily of the most gentle, velvet rose, and many more colors of great beauty. The incredible beauty of the drawings, and plausibility, their diversity and otherness of each other inspired artists for the creation of new designs. Neither client will not be indifferent, if choose the right style and color to the nail of her clothes and accessories.

Chinese painting is performed by artificial flat brushes and acrylic paint, and perform all necessary accurately and quickly. Brush with the two angles dunk in the paint of different colors, stain on paper and then brush strokes applied to the nail. This yields a pattern with 3D-surround effect and a smooth transition from one color to another. It can create not only flowers, but also patterns, still lifes and landscapes.

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