Chinese painting – how to make

Chinese painting pictures

 For the first time the Chinese technique of painting appeared in one of the professional journal of the Chinese manicure, and immediately gained popularity not only in China but around the world, including in Ukraine. It was a brilliant debut! It can be concluded that Chinese painting – is the reincarnation of the ancient eastern art in the modern nail art.To perform the Chinese painting should have a flat artificial brush and acrylic paint. All this can be easily purchased at any specialty store materials for the professional design and nail, or simply shop for artists.Also there are special paints for Chinese painting. They are more dense, and thus they are much easier to draw, especially to the beginner. Smears made this paint does not shine, thanks to its rich color and perfect texture, and paint on the palette dries much more slowly, which is very economical. But on the paper paint dries quickly, which is very useful in cases where the strokes should be applied one layer to another – no smears and blends, obtained by careful design.

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