Chinese painting – hence the name?

Chinese painting on nails Ten years ago, natural female nogtiki decorated with stripes of different colors of paint, sequins, or stickers aroused admiration and envy at the same time. Today, any fashionista will tell you that it’s hopelessly out of date!Chinese painting nails – that is now in full swing, and there is hardly a woman visiting a nail salon and did not come out with a Chinese painting!

The man, who had heard the name, of course, will introduce a some kind of hieroglyphics. But the woman at once unmistakably understand what they mean. And talk about beautiful three-dimensional roses, peonies, lilies, orchids, daffodils and more of almost any color that is in the world, made in delicate shades.Nail design created in this style looks very nice and impressive. Plus, a manicure, filled with acrylic water based paints are very durable.

And now I guess you’re wondering, where did we come to this name? Guohua – a traditional Chinese painting, which has existed for many centuries. On rice paper and the finest silk, water colors and fine brush drawing from ancient times to the east of Guohua technique. The main motivation was the nature, birds and flowers. Following the popularization of nail design started to apply this technique for drawing on your nails.

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