Chinese painting – fashion


Chinese painting Now fashion trends in the design of Chinese painting is a nail polish. Technique is it – picture is performed by artificial flat brushes. Put on a brush two colors – in every corner of the color. Then make the brush a few strokeson the paper. Further, these colors are mixed, as it were in the middle, and get a smooth transition from one color to another – because of this and create a volume image. To create a Chinese painting pattern on your nailsneed to have artificial flat brushes and acrylic paint.

In Russia and Ukraine, a double stroke painting became popular in the second half of the 18th century. Whilethis technique is actively painted boxes, trays, boxes, etc. The impetus for the development of this fishery was the opening of school, and the creation of the production of household items, decorated with a painting. In the 18th century, this folk painting called “primaries” letter in one stroke (ONE STROKE – away went the literal translation of the name of fashion).
If you are using Chinese painting equipment is best obtained by flowers such as poppies, narcissus, violet, rose,mallow, bindweed, peony, chrysanthemum, snowdrop, rose, rose, tulip, iris, lily, bell, gladiolus, pansies. What can we say about the various baskets of flowers, butterflies, vases! No other technology so fast and so nice notto fulfill them. And what’s interesting – you can always come up with something, and easy to draw. The main thing- the ability and imagination


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