Chinese painting – fashion

Chinese painting The basic and essential tool for the application of Chinese painting nails, of course, can be called a flat brush,thanks to which, it turns out, to create three-dimensional flowers with buds layered and incredible beauty of the petals. Another plus of Chinese painting in the fact that some training can use this technique and the novice and pros in the difficult task of nail art. Mainly painting – it’s absolutely any image, but thanks to technology spillovercolor is very similar to this painting, with its colorful display of the real world into the most vivid and beautifulcolors. The basic groundwork of the Chinese painting is a two-color smear, which creates a surround effect.

I would also like to clarify that only recently in China, there are two schools of nail design, which specialized inChinese painting nails. In these schools, the most talented students learned the secrets of Chinese painting ofthe nails and methods of its execution. The course included the study of the characteristics of brushes and paints, the correct formulation of the hands, the use of composition rules for the construction of the figure and put their ideas on the nails.

A little later, this technique has come to Russia and Ukraine, but in a more simplified version. The study of thistechnology once it became available not only to professionals in the painting of the nails, but very beginners innail-art. Duration of the course was much less than in China. Today, Chinese painting on nails in Mykolayiv and other Ukrainian cities has become very fashionable, and comes back to the origins of the technique. After all that is trendy and popular should be performed at a high level of professionalism.

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