Chewing gum for weight loss

Жвачка для похуденияFor the first time about creating a gum, which contributes to dropping excess pounds, was reported in the United States. As you know, Americans are obsessed with fast food, at a time when physical exertion is not out of the question. Therefore, the problem of extra pounds is pretty common. The solution to this problem was the addition of a special substance that has the property of weight reduction, gum, for the reason that it is the most common product. A similar tool for us innovation.

Bodyfit (Bodyfat) – chewing gum for weight loss, which is the actual herd in Russia. The chewing gum manufacturers claim that this product promotes instant weight reduction. It works by breaking down fats and reduce appetite, it is known that bears no danger to the body, has no negative influence on human activity, also contains vitamins for nails and skin. Also protects against caries and ensures fresh breath. The basis of the chewing gum includes a cocktail ingredients. First of all, extract of green coffee is known as a means for dropping excess weight. Chlorogenic acid acts on glucose metabolism in the body, due to which the body burns fats and receives energy. Green tea extract is a strong antioxidant, which includes vitamins for nail growth and To C. due to the catechins increases the level of heat production and accelerates the metabolism, help burn fat. Caffeine is also included in the gum composition, has a tonic effect. Carnitine is a substance similar to vitamins, stimulates the fat. Tyrosine – suppresses appetite. Vitamin B1 promotes positive work of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 takes part in protein and fat metabolism. Also in the gum composition includes vitamins for hair nails and skin.

It is worth noting that for the best results, cud you need to eat right and exercise, at least 10 minutes a day. Because in nature there is no such substance, which will contribute to quick weight loss without effort. So, if you have the desire to lose weight using this method, you have little to limit yourself to food and to perform certain physical exercise, in this case, the method will be effective. If you believe the information on the Internet, the effectiveness of the product has passed laboratory and clinical research. Laboratory studies are on animals or in vitro, and clinical trials with people who have come voluntarily. The results of both studies can be different. Chewing gum is a new product in the domestic market, so a large number of reviews can not be expected, but when the need and desire can be found on the Internet. For example, vitamins for nail reviews only positive, they promote not only growth but also strengthen the nail.

Bodyfit not the only gum in its kind, but, at the moment, the composition of other chewing gums not much is known of the facts. Let’s start with the Slim gum extracts of green tea and coffee, carnitine, vitamins (Biotin and thiamine). Manufacturers warn that chewing gum will not replace exercise and proper nutrition, but together with the above conditions will have a beneficial effect on dropping extra pounds, it is known that contains vitamins to strengthen nails. Also worth ucati that chewing gum is safe and can be original, and most importantly delicious alternative to regular chewing gum. If necessary, you can use vitamins Doppel Herz nail. Next, let’s talk about Snack less, contains cactus extract hoodia, Gordonii, which contributes to dropping excess weight. Today, this component is included in many products for weight loss and in some of the best vitamins for nails. What vitamins for nails to pick up you to decide for yourself, everyone has a body with different features. One should know that vitamin e nail is the most effective since ancient times, so pay attention to the composition of such preparatory woman thinks vitamins for nails which is better. Zoft slim gum for dropping excess weight, the main components is also hoodia Gordonii, Gordon.

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