Cats on the nails

кошки на ногтях фотоHello readers of a blog! Today’s discussion topic Cats on the nails!

Folk beliefs dictate that the cat, the living source of joy, and a fluffy little favorite ball, not only pet, but a great healer. From time immemorial they cure people from heart disorders, and brain damage and radiculitis. The method of prophylaxis and treatment of many diseases with the help of contact with Pets is feline therapy.So the cats are good predictors. Watching the cat and her behaviour, it is possible to predict all kinds of change to the evil and to the good, you can predict the arrival of guests, unhappiness or impending illness.

In 2014 they have become a very popular topic of nail industry.

Cats on the nails it is nice, very unusual.

«Cat’s style» in a trend that same portray in this case on the nails?

кошки на ногтях фото

кошки на ногтях фото

кошки на ногтях фотоThe pictures on the nails cats as a rule, are created not only with the participation of nail Polish, but with the help of sequins, colored powder and water and acrylic paints. The nail of her figure is applied in two ways – on top of the wet basis or on the dried paint.

Indescribably look beautiful drawings are created using contrast varnishes. Image of a black cat, for example, on the nails beige or milk цвета.Чтобы do painting the nails cats special talent is not needed. Don’t forget that what is important is the length of the nail. And if you short fingernails, you can draw on each nail cat’s paws, if the mean – lovely muzzle of a cat. Long nails, you can paint the cat in all its glory.

What will your cat, graceful, beautiful, tender, elegant, clever, cute, or even evil, you decide. So watch, enjoy, do it.

Cats on the nails photo:

кошки на ногтях фото

кошки на ногтях фото

кошки на ногтях фото

кошки на ногтях фотоHow to draw a cat on the nails?
For girls it is important that her nails to look beautiful and well-groomed, and when they still and with a magnificent figure, it looks twice more beautiful.
Do not rush to get to work! First you need to make all the necessary tools. You will need: dots, cotton pad, 2 brushes (thick and thin), the varnish remover.
Once everything is ready, start the process.

  1. To bring nails in order, you must perform a basic manicure. Then degrease nails and apply two layers of milk spray jacket.
  2. After it dries, take the black paint, which will be used for cats. Using a fine brush, apply the nail shape of the picture. First perform a large part, after we draw thin and small. Eyes you can draw a white acrylic paint or replace rhinestones.
  3. Cover nails fixer, for the longevity of the picture.

Another way.

  1. Using synthetic brush nails cover transparent gel for hair extension.
  2. Wet gel or a fixer sticking sticker cat, and стразик to the place of the eyes using дотса (you can dunk it in water to pebble better stick).
  3. As the nails are covered with gel, use a UV lamp for its baking.
  4. Sticky layer shoot with alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

кошки на ногтях фото

кошки на ногтях фото

кошки на ногтях фотоEveryone will like this pattern, as lovers seals.

  1. Apply varnish to create the background to the prepared nails.
  2. Cats draw alternately. Thin brush and black acrylic paint draw a circle – the cat’s head.
  3. Next, draw a drop of fatter, with the base, coming out of the circle – the trunk of an animal.
  4. Draw tail, at the end of закручивающийся spiral.
  5. Пририсовываем mustache and ears of the thin brush.
  6. With white paint repeat steps 2-5.
  7. You’ll have a white male and a black cat.
  8. Secure the result of a transparent varnish.

I represent to Your attention several options drawings.

The pictures on the nails cat photo:

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кошки на ногтях фото

кошки на ногтях фото

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