Carrot facial mask

морковная маска для лицаEffective, affordable and easy cosmetic product, such as carrot mask for face is plural variations. This tool is quite popular, so as a year-round carrots can be purchased for a reasonable price. In the winter time, few will be found vegetables and fruits that are most suitable to act as a basis for cosmetic masks. Carrot mixture, is useful in that it contains a maximum of nutrients and vitamin A. the vitamin of beauty, which by virtue of the restoration and healing of the skin. Due to the properties of carrots, the skin is protected from free radicals. Therefore, it remains healthy and young. Such a cosmetic is prepared quickly and simply. It’s enough to get fresh carrot and chop. You can use a juicer for the purpose of obtaining carrot juice used in cosmetics. Furthermore, in addition to cosmetic procedures in the cold season we recommend you treat yourself to Novosibirsk footwear from Martin Bester, the quality and the price will leave only positive impressions.

Apply the mask from carrot for the person owners of delicate skin. The advantage of carrot masks is the ability to excellent skin whitening. In particular, this property of vegetable attracts women suffering from pigmentation that was caused by a disease or deficiency. Mask from carrots for the person suitable for healing wounds, cuts and scratches on the skin. During its application the skin is nourished, filled with vitamins and minerals. Eliminates the problem associated with the presence of pimples and blackheads. The carrot becomes the source of a beautiful rosy hue of the skin and eliminate flaking.

If you need to apply nourishing vitamin complex about his face, then make a simple mask from a small carrot. First you need to peel. Then the vegetable is rubbed on a grater. Juice moistened face for half an hour. It is recommended to wash the tool with warm water.

In the presence of flaky or dry skin on the track grate half a carrot and squeeze the juice. It is only natural that you want to use for making masks. A spoon of carrot juice, one spoon of curd and cream are mixed into one mass. Derived from carrots and cottage cheese the weight is distributed on the skin. The mask can be used as a cleanser in winter for chapped skin. After half an hour she washed off with warm water. Using a carrot mask restores the skin.

Recipe carrot mask that contribute to the normalization of oily skin. Mix carrot puree, one tablespoon of flour (wheat), whipped to a froth protein between them. Keep the mask for 30 minutes. Its removal from the face is carried out with cold or warm water.

Your facial skin is irritated, and it began to have minor scratches? Applying a mask made of carrot, you get rid of these cosmetic defects. Mix grated carrot, a teaspoon of vegetable oil (olive) and egg yolk. The mask 20 minutes we hold on his face. Then using a cotton swab or cloth, gently remove from the face. Next, wash out the face with water.

To get rid of the tired and sagging skin will help mask of carrot. It will lead a person in order. Shred or grate the carrot, mix it with mashed potatoes and egg yolk. Such remedy shall dry up completely. But, a maximum of 20 minutes. Before it is washed off with a cloth remove remnants of the mask. Suitable mask for any skin. She copes with smoothing out facial wrinkles.

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