Burdock oil how to use

Репейное масло как использоватьBurdock oil is a product obtained burdock (root great burdock). You can get this oil at home by yourself, but this process is difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it is easier to buy it at the pharmacy, he has a pretty reasonable price. Part of burdock oil include vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, natural insulin, stearic acid, tannins, and palmitic acid. Due to such structure burdock quite popular in cosmetology. Burdock oil how to use in cosmetics and in the quality of medicines.

How to use burdock?

Let’s consider the use of burdock oil. So, to use oil for skin care you can use it in its pure form, it can also be part of the masks and creams that are designed for problem skin. There is also information about applying oil to prevent wrinkles.

How to use burdock oil for nail care. The daily rubbing oil into the base of the nail plate can achieve a positive result, i.e. to strengthen brittle nails, get rid of bumps on it, to make them smooth, elastic and shiny.

How to use burdock oil for the care of eyelashes. This tool contributes to the strengthening and growth of eyelashes. To achieve this effect you daily with a cotton swab and a special brush to coat lashes burdock. After two to three weeks you will see results.

Many people are interested burdock how to use as medicines. This tool can be applied as a lotion for speedy healing of open wounds. Can also be used in complex treatment of some dermatological diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema). While sciatica can be done rubbing burdock, also with the help of this drug can relieve pain in muscles or speed up recovery after injury.

How to use burdock oil for hair care. The treatment of hair burdock includes about twelve procedures, then you must take a break of 14 days and the course is repeated. How often to use burdock oil in the prevention of weak and unhealthy hair? Enough twice a week, apply this mask, but if you have the opportunity and desire, the mask should be applied after each shampooing.

If the curls are weak and do not grow, you need to take burdock oil with nettle. Substances contained in the give nettle nourishes and strengthens the hair structure. If your hair has split ends and have a dull appearance, it is necessary to take the oil, which contains vitamins a and E. This mask after several treatments, adds smoothness and Shine, strengthens hair roots. Dry and brittle hair, you must treat burdock oil with the addition of propolis, if the hair strongly drop out, you must use the extract of horsetail.

It should be noted that the use of oil of burdock can solve the following problems:

– dandruff;

– dryness;

irritation and itching of the scalp;

– split ends and brittle hair;

– loss natural Shine and elasticity;

– damage to the structure of hair.

Especially important such care permed, painting, use of dryers, irons, Curling. Quite often used masks and packs, as well as the oil in its pure form. If you are the owner of blonde hair or other light shades, please note that the oil had no colors, slightly greenish tint can change your natural hair color.

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