Build-up of 3d eyelashes

Наращивание 3d ресниц

Hello readers of a blog! Today’s topic is for discussion and a build-up of 3d lashes!

Chic sharp eye is one of the most effective weapons of any modern women. However, not every girl can confirm that her eyelashes are generous gift of mother nature. Almost any owner of languid look for their beauty resorted to services of beauty salons.
By far the most popular methods of capacity are:

  • • build-up of 3d eyelashes;
  • • eyelash 3d lashes;
  • • поресничное eyelash 3d.

For best results, you should know exactly what is each method.
Build-up of 3d eyelashes
This way of extension is one of the most popular. Make it better with the help of specialists. The search for a candidate does not require huge time savings. The media are full of advertisements on the provision of such services.
The main advantage of eyelashes build-up of 3d is the result. At the end of the procedure, the woman receives a languishing look no signs of outside interference. Eyelashes look like they are, that neither is true.
To remove such beauty won’t have to go to the salon. Artificial eyelashes fall out after about a couple of months socks. This time index is the leader among the other types of extension. Normal capacity is kept only for the first month.
Materials for eyelash 3d carried out in special laboratory conditions. Every eyelash, consists of микрополиэстеровой thread. Thanks to this product well bends but does not break.

Наращивание 3d ресницTo attach the thread to these cilia use only transparent adhesive, which is not visible even on closer examination. When the adhesive remains mild throughout socks. This helps to avoid unpleasant experiences, including tingling.
The technology to build 3d eyelash requires the hand of the master. So do not save and buy cheap surrogates, which often do not even have instructions.
The process of such eyelash includes work that lasts only 1.5 -2, 5 hours. All depends on the effect and number of lashes. Eyelash 3d training provides a bi-annual workshops.
Eyelash 3d lashes

Appeared the possibility of the eyelash in this way in 2004. Since then she is just extremely popular.
An advantage of this is the fact that after the removal of artificial cilia relatives do not stick together. With this increase can swim in the pools, lap and not be afraid that it will hurt the eye.
Technology eyelash 3d lashes similar in their stages with поресничным of the building. Each lash of микрополиэстера attach a special glue to the base of the natural lashes.
Technique поресничного and eyelash 3d lashes invented by the Japanese.

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