Buckwheat diet

Гречневая диетаDiet, diet, diet.
Dazzle them all Newspapers, magazines and the Internet!
And the use of them is almost there.
To remove the extra weight is very difficult, but still possible
Using a mono-diet.
As well as exercise and sleep
And then put on a favorite style.
Want slim to celebrate summer?
Slim with buckwheat diet!
Buckwheat diet recipe simple.
Eat sugar, drink water.
Keep the post.

Recipe buckwheat diet for weight loss

First we need to prepare buckwheat. For this purpose a glass rinsed buckwheat pour two cups of boiling water and cook for 15 minutes without salt and oil. To croup is not lost of useful properties, it is recommended not to cook, and soak in water over night (a Cup of cereal and two and a half cups of water).
Waking up in the morning to drink a glass of water with honey and lemon. Then, in thirty minutes you can eat 1/3 of porridge and drink unsweetened tea or unsalted and unsweetened vegetable juice.
Lunch and dinner consist of 1/3 of the buckwheat. During the day you should drink about 2 liters of fluid. It can be non-carbonated mineral water or juices or herbal teas.
The duration of this diet is about seven days.
This recipe buckwheat diet is quite hard to comply with, so after three days can be added to the diet of dried fruits. They can be anything, so long as the total weight per day was not more than one hundred grams. Do not forget about the fluid, which is sure to take more than 1.5 liters. To comply with such a diet should be two weeks.

Recipe buckwheat diet for cleansing and weight loss

When losing weight it is very important to cleanse the body of toxins. Buckwheat will help in this question. For this month before the beginning of the diet it is necessary to arrange fasting days. In this day eat buckwheat, as well as during the diet only drink it can kefir.

Buckwheat diet recipe for the week

If you are not obese, but just want to adjust the shape, you need abuckwheat diet for weight loss recipe with juices for a week. This type of diet, more gentle to the body and nerves.
Buckwheat prepare as described in the first recipe.
In the morning take a glass of warm water, two hours to eat a third of buckwheat, then after an hour to drink a glass of grapefruit juice, two hours to drink beet-carrot juice. At lunch, eat a third of buckwheat, then after an hour sellerio-cucumber juice. For thirty minutes before dinner cabbage-Apple juice, 7 PM dinner-thirds of buckwheat. Before going to sleep drink orange juice. In addition, do not forget to drink about 1.5 liters of fluid during the day. The following days are allowed to use other juices.

Kefir-buckwheat diet recipe

Buckwheat diet with yogurt recipe which is simple and monotonous the most difficult to losing weight, but gives the most positive results.
For this diet is preferable buckwheat infuse in boiling water during the night. In the morning pour the buckwheat 1 liter of yogurt.
For Breakfast eat a hundred and fifty grams of the mixture and Apple. For lunch three hundred grams of the mixture and vegetable salad. For dinner hundred grams of the mixture. Drink it all possible water or unsweetened green tea.

Buckwheat diet recipe reviews

Buckwheat diet, despite his cruelty, is popular because it is useful for the body and promotes weight reduction and fixation of the.
To follow a diet that is very important, but even more important to leave it. After buckwheat diet do not eat all at once. To start, eat a light meal of salads, cheese, soups and of course the buckwheat should be in the diet every day. Then gradually add all the products, but need to eat little and often.

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