Брекет системаBracket system this is conducive to life with beautiful teeth and smile. This orthodontic device is designed to align the teeth and bite. In our time of technology sensibly with a very high speeds forward, treatment bracket system does not provide inconvenience, brings only efficiency. What she represents?

And this next. It is a construction which consists of connecting metal handles, locks and clamps. To do everything correctly orthodontist locks special glue sticks to teeth, and staples have a greater impact on the tooth and shift it in the right direction, tooth not only moves, but also properly fixed on the place where he should be. For a good example is to look at the bracket-system photo:

Брекет системаThere are types of braces. The first type of braces is metal bracket-system, which, thanks to its efficiency and durability allows to reduce time of wearing braces, another advantage of this system is the low price.

The next type is bracket-system sapphire. This system has a high strength, artificial sapphires not change color after eating, and they are not very visible on the teeth.

Then comes lingual bracket system, it is the invisible, because it is mounted on the inner surface of the teeth. This system has a small negative, the patient in the first two weeks of wear is the problem with diction, but it disappears as soon as you get used to braces.

Also, such a system exists, as bracket-system damon. Bracket-system Dimon is the new trend of technology. This самолигирующая bracket-system, that allows to receive the coveted smile in a short time, and it is beautiful in aesthetic terms. It is very comfortable to wear. In her emphasis on the pressure arc, and the work of the tongue, lips and cheeks patient. This allows us to achieve great results and virtually without discomfort.

Bracket-system ceramic primarily used to correct occlusion of teeth. Ceramic brackets are very similar to the tooth enamel. They are divided into two types such as single-crystal and polycrystalline. The first type of bracket transparent and almost invisible on the teeth. The second type is determined by the color of tooth enamel to braces were not so noticeable.
Installation of bracket systems occurs as a doctor, for this he makes a panoramic picture of the entire oral cavity and impressions of the teeth, and on this basis prescribe and action plan. Installation bracket is painless, but sometimes pain occurs while wearing them, due to pressure on the teeth. But it can be corrected due to the pain relief that the doctor will prescribe.

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