Botox lips

Ботокс в губыThis procedure is often performed girls, women. The reasons for   the procedure Botox lips  different, some just don’t like the lips, and want to do their пухлее, someone chasing fashion, and who are endowed with the narrow and ugly lips.

Indications for the Botox:
– thin lips;
– wrinkles;
– asymmetry of the lips (jagged lip);
– will help to lift the corners of his mouth.

Contraindication is the use of antibiotics, pregnancy, blood disease (coagulation disorder), herpes and various inflammations of the skin.
The procedure should be conducted by a qualified specialist in interior to further complications (numbness of the lips, unattractive and ugly appearance after the treatment, the rough lips, hemorrhage, inflammation).
The procedure takes little time from 5 to 40 minutes, depends on the number of made injections. Is painless, because all react differently to pain.

Before the procedure, the expert draws the point which will be done  injection of Botox lips. Then, in the lip or on the edge of the lips) shallow injected with a fine needle toxin – бутолинотоксин (is a strong poison, but in no way affects the body). This toxin has property to relax the muscle, and are used in medicine for a long time.

After the procedure, it would not displace the injected drug, the patient should not do massage, sauna, lying upside down, touched by hands.

Such a procedure, unfortunately not long enough for a year. To increase the lips and give them shape, use special gels (fillers), based on hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm). The course is 20 injections. A procedure should be performed for 1 year, do not be afraid of toxins, they do not accumulate in the body.

  Many probably are interested in,    how much Botox lips. This is an inexpensive procedure and available to everyone, Botox lips price  available to everyone, from 200 to 400 rubles per 1 иньекцию, if you take in dollars – to 500USD for the entire procedure.  The cost of Botox lips, price is calculated for the single procedure and depends on the salon.

Botox is equal to plastic surgery, not everyone will want to go under the surgeon’s scalpel. Gives a fast effect, the traces of injections quickly pass. No complications (only a small swelling)holds if such a procedure is a qualified specialist.
Botox lips is only relevant to mimic wrinkles (flattening), and deep wrinkles will help smooth out, but not remove them completely.

You can spend   Botox lips at home. The stores sell gels, lipstick for lip augmentation, giving swelling of the lips, but they cannot be compared with the Botox. Be home to perform simple exercises for the lips, massage toothbrush or with the help of scrubs. In the lips, too, have the muscles that you want to swap.

  Botox lips reviews. Wrinkles are smoothed out quickly, the corners of his mouth visibly lifted, lips become more expressive, full.

All who like to sunbathe, often dieting, lots of sports – all this adversely affects the skin, wrinkles, it is not necessary to forget the beautiful sex.

No need to save money, especially for Botox, it is not expensive procedure, you must choose a good salon and qualified specialists which would then not have to shed tears and already spend large amounts of money on a fix (if you can).

You can see the result  Botox lips photo  and decide for yourself about the necessary procedures.
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