Bilateral manicure: how to make

Двусторонний маникюр: как сделать

Masters of nail service is constantly being improved and create great ideas for masters and their clients. Almost all are becoming popular and are in demand and ideas for new designs can take anywhere. Among the designs for manicure is a universal version – sided manicure.

Bilateral nail design: the history of appearance and the characteristic features

Feature of bilateral manicure consists in the use of varnishes contrasting shades and put them on both sides of the nail plate. The classical variant of black color on the surface of the nail, and the red color under the nail plate.

Idea for this design started shoes from the famous French designer and fashion designer Christian Лабутена. This ingenious Creator released black shoes with soles red and until today they are the hallmark of the designer. That is why bilateral manicure called “лабутен manicure”.

Двусторонний маникюр: как сделать

Bilateral nail design: master class

At first sight nothing difficult in application of such manicure no, but not all happens from time to properly run the coating on the bottom of the nail. Even the masters have not obtained immediately from the first time. Several training lessons help you understand the principles of performance of the original, stylish and beautiful decor, to please yourself and others a great manicure.

Bilateral manicure only suitable for nail with long nail plate on short nails manicure looks absolutely not!

Materials needed:

  • nail file for nails (natural or artificial);
  • manicure sticks;
  • nail Polish remover;
  • basic coverage;
  • finish;
  • decorative lucky two contrasting shades.

Двусторонний маникюр: как сделать

The sequence of manicure

  1. Prepare natural legs standard hygienic procedure, or act as building of artificial nails. Move aside cuticle remove all unnecessary and обезжириваем the entire surface of the nail.
  2. At this stage, apply a decorative lacquer with the inner side of the free edge of the nail, if the varnish got on the skin around the nail, it must be removed manicure stick dipped in liquid for removing the varnish or corrective pencil. We are waiting for drying. This complex process requires training, hardness productions hands, thoroughness and attention.
  3. At this stage, apply a base coat on top of the nail plate and paint the other contrasting colour.
  4. So do all the nails and the completion of the whole design (top and bottom) fasten the finishing coating or a fixer.

Двусторонний маникюр: как сделать

Create two-way design with different combinations of contrasting varnishes, but the most perfect of course the red and the black. Also you can use the technique in the style of Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) – blue (for surface)and red (bottom of the nail).

Disadvantages of bilateral manicure

The manicure using varnish on both sides of the many positive sides (basic technique, lack of complex of frescoes and additional materials, a stunning result). There are some disadvantages: short fingernails not suitable for manicures are not all lucky, incorrectly chosen color, you can spoil the whole manicure, the inner surface of the nail should be only red, complexity of varnish on the “sole” nail.

Двусторонний маникюр: как сделать

In any case do not stop using standard shades with experiments you can achieve amazing results! Bilateral manicure is a great decoration for your hands and nails.

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