Bath for pedicure

Ванночка для педикюраAfter a hard day at your feet need relaxation. Relieve fatigue will help the special baths with hydro massage, magnetic plates, nozzles. The choice is large enough. So it is wise to purchase a need to decide on the model, or at least what effect do you expect it to do.

Bath for pedicure to buy or not? After reading on the forums a huge number of “for” and “against”, it becomes clear thing is really worthy. Thanks to her fatigue, due massage vibration circulation slightly increased even the heels become softer and cherkovishte.

Let’s consider some models. And so foot bath pedicure from Foot Spa BaByliss BAB 8033 E. Vessel is perfect not only for women but also for a strong half, because the bottom is made with large feet.

From the top there is a cap which allows water to spray around the room during use, also equipped with a thermometer, to adjust the water temperature. Developers pleased nozzles for deep massage and various equipment for pedicure at home.

The next unit, which deserves our attention BaByliss BAB 804 E, the price is not so “bite”as the previous one. Truth and functionality in it a little less, but massage and RUB her heels with her help succeed.

The latest model, which will be discussed is Simei 031 designed for a foot massage, without the opportunity to pamper yourself with a pedicure. But using a hot bath for pedicure, it is not so difficult to get rid of rough skin and corns. Heels with deep cracks may be cured by special mash and deep massage.

But still one of the most popular manufacturers of massage devices – it VITEK, the advantage is that there is too zamedlennogo management, the number of nozzles, only that which you need, nothing more. Very comfortable and compact. The price is also pleased with their availability.

Want to discover a few secrets from cracks, from which it is possible to get through massage bath. You will need aspirin, boiling water and vodka. RUB 2-3 aspirin in powder, pour in a dish, pour two cups of boiling water, add 200 grams of vodka and put legs on 20 -30 minutes. Then add the remaining water and include hydromassage, relaxing and enjoying another 30 minutes.

Making such procedures at least once a week for several months and you will forget what troubled souls.

Another recipe from our grandmothers, free of cracks with banal soda. Take your bath, dilute it soda (10 teaspoons), add a little soap solution, lower back legs, include massager and sit up to 20 min. Try to do the same procedure at least two to three times a week for a month and you will see how your legs go to the amendment.

In one word it is a necessary thing, especially if you suffer from problems associated with stops. Christmas holidays are approaching and that not as massage bath can please your relatives and friends.

Although with all the advantages, there is at it and contraindications. Cannot be used for varicose veins, tachycardia and high blood pressure.

After the operation, you should brush to clean contamination to avoid clogged air filters. In General, try without the need to use liquid funds. Clogged ducts, can quickly bring your instrument fail.

If you are a master of manicure or pedicure, purchasing for salon various accessories, do not forget one important device is the stand for the bath for pedicure.

It will help in the wizard. The material from which made stand treated with antiseptics, quickly clean and perfectly fit into any interior.

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