Ayurvedic massage

Аюрведический массаж.Ayurvedic massage is a holistic procedure, where there is a complex effect on the whole body. This procedure is delicate work with biologically active points, muscular apparatus, and intensive banners that promote the development of the joints and cleaning.
In Ayurvedic massage is a powder Calamus root, which displays the muscles toxins, as well as individually for each patient selected essential oils.
Even after one session of this massage the patient already feels the improvement of emotional and physical condition of the mind is calmed.

Also, be familiar with the concept of cleaning person hardware – a week before Ayurvedic massage make this process – you will be satisfied with the end result

The results of Ayurvedic massage: effectively relieves stress, anxiety, muscle clips, stress, fatigue, headaches, increases vitality and increase sexual energy. And also improves lymphatic drainage, normalizes blood pressure, improves the level of hormones and joy that eliminates the stiffness of the joints, gives flexibility to the spine, regulates the work of all internal organs, activates blood circulation, removes toxins, strengthens the immune system, improving the grace of movement and posture. Stimulates hair growth, improving their texture and sculpting.

Contraindications and precautions Ayurvedic massage:
– if no appetite;
– you cannot do massage 2-4 days after the purification of organism, vomiting, diarrhea, enema;
– deformation of joints stage 2, arthritis;
– swelling;
– location of bones;
– when large amounts of toxins;
– before periods;
– if there is a fracture;
– high temperature.

Oil Ayurvedic massage is conducted in a calm atmosphere. For relaxation of the patient, you need to add meditation music, to make muffled light. And you want the room was warm to the client feel comfortable.

What is Ayurvedic oil massage:
1. The oil is heated to the desired temperature.
2. The body need not to massage with fingertips and palms. To massage the scalp and joint work in a circular motion, as long bone and neck, use the longitudinal motion.
3. Ayurvedic head massage. Massage begins with the head. On hand to pour the oil and the hairy scalp actively massage, producing palms circular motion. The head should spend more time than in other parts of the body.
4. Ayurvedic massage of the face. Further massage the ear and face. Also poured oil on his hands and gently massaged the specified area.
5. Ayurvedic body massage. Next move on to the rear and the front surface of the neck. Body butter is applied in a thin layer, so that it quickly managed to soak into the skin.
6. Hand massage is performed vigorously. Forearms and shoulders handle long movements back and forth, and shoulder girdle and elbows, massage in a circular motion.
7. Then massaged the chest and abdomen. In the abdomen and heart make light circular motion. To start the massage of the abdomen with his right lower part and move to the left bottom surface clockwise. This massage has a slight stimulating effect on the intestine.
8. Massage the spine and back. If you do the massage yourself, do not worry that you will not get some back.
9. On foot massage actively follow. Hip, ankle and knee joints follow a circular motion, and the calf and thigh massage longitudinal and long movements.
10. The last stage of the procedure ends with the soles of the feet. The soles of the feet, as the head deserve a long massage. Make the palms of the hands vigorous massage.

After the procedure, take a warm shower.

If you have the desire to learn yourself, that offer training Ayurvedic massage in Moscow in the center of beauty and health “Living water”. Training course of 8 days 8 hours twice a year.


Victoria 28 years: the Most beautiful for me in this life was Ayurvedic massage. This massage is applied using a special heated oil. I have not had any serious disease, but the modern way of life and stress upset me. The main goal was to me, soothe the soul and the mind. I was entranced, beautiful harmonious state of joy and happiness. After this massage I just wanted to fly!

Olga, 30 years old: my Health was a little wobbly. They were in great pain, perennial allergies, problems with the musculoskeletal system. When passed a course of rejuvenation, my health has improved: recovered locomotor apparatus, were headaches and allergies, and something I didn’t expect, has lost 9 kg Effect from just super Ayurvedic massage! And thanks a lot to the doctor Threads, it is fantastic competent and sincere man, who helped me to get rid of all these problems!

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