КриолифтингCold treatment in medicine are used successfully for many years. Women, girls used frozen ice cubes that would refresh the skin of a person to give a glow and elasticity.

Криолифтинг gives a good rejuvenating effect is equivalent to a facelift, but with the use of cold, is used dry mixture, but not water.

Криолифтинг person is used for various skin conditions:
– in the treatment of scars;
– for oily skin (enlarged pores, acne treatment);
– after cleaning or peeling skin;
– the old and flabby skin;
– swelling;
– after plastic operations;
– the appearance of wrinkles;
– reduction of skin tone;
– loss of hair.

   Криолифтинг contraindications:
– thin skin;
– sinusitis;
– hypertension;
– inflammation of the facial nerve.
– pregnancy;
– if there are contraindications to mesotherapy.

After the course криолифтинг, improves permeability of the skin, there is a saturation of oxygen to tissues, activates microcirculation. All of this is due to the fact that in the deeper layers of skin are entered substances, vitamins (used special cocktail).

To carry out this procedure in the salon a cosmetologist:

– you must first clean the skin from dirt, dead cells, including cosmetics;

– the next step – face massage using a special cocktail, which includes vitamins, minerals, is at a very low temperature. In principle, the whole procedure.

A procedure should be performed several times a week, for in the future will be enough time in a month.

In salons криолифтинг rates  may be not available to everybody, one procedure is the approximate cost 1500, but you can find cheaper, everything depends on the application of gels, serums or herbal extracts, you can select them together with a beautician.

It’s a painless procedure, feeling a pleasant and mild tingling, tingling, redness and pass quickly. In this procedure, blood vessels are narrowed, then expand, the skin becomes permeable and actively absorb all the necessary substances, which are so important for the skin. The skin is healthy, young, smooth wrinkles appear elasticity. Криолифтинг gives lasting results and long-term effect, but subject to full completion of the course.

  Криолифтинг facial reviews quite impressive: wrinkles disappear, narrows pores, improves color of the face and becomes fit quite painless procedure and effects can be seen after having spent several procedures.

When conducting криолифтинга should not get involved and often use it, especially for thin skin. Long-term use, formed strong growth vascular epithelial, manifested in the form of vascular сеточек at change of temperature (heat or cold).

If a woman takes care of himself, cares and wants to look attractive, you must use криолифтинг or other rejuvenating treatments for face skin care. You can take advice friends or acquaintances, who conducted криолифтинг facial reviews will be positive.

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