Калир Kanda

Калир кандаDon’t know where came to us Indian plant Калир Kanda for weight loss. Doctors still can not understand this phenomenon. Although the pair-pharmacists do not get tired to sing odes of praise for this plant, because according to them «eating just a few leaves helps to forget the hunger for a long time!». It should be noted that the plant itself contains no calories, no nutrients!

How are the sensations?

Kudos to Калир Kanda came after a well-known television programs about travels. The audience has been recounted the legend about the miraculous properties of this tree learned many years ago, Indian hunters. They had to permanently leave their homes to get food. And only the chewing of the leaves of the plant helped them overcome the painful feeling of hunger. This story was told solely for the sake of expansion of an Outlook of people who have no opportunity to wander the world.

But instead of performing their cognitive functions legend worked as a direct guide to action. Today, the Internet is already working mass of resources that are on par with green coffee and other «newly discovered» ideal for weight loss products advertised Калир-Kanda, offering visitors to deceive your stomach. And, it is worth noting, absolutely exorbitant price.

Increasingly on different forums can be found posts author (male or female) recently visited India and tried on the advice of the local population leaves Калир Kanda and dramatically lost weight. Why? Yes, just after the use of such a product is, allegedly, did not want to 5-7 days. And now a traveler only a few leaves, he, kindness, wishes to give to someone who’s really in need of losing weight only for 1000 rubles.

Hurry up and парафармацевты, in time сознавшие depth of interest to the Indian and virtually inaccessible product. So now they are offering to buy the various dietary Supplements, the main active ingredient of which is an extract of leaves of a unique plant. Sales can be found capsules «Калир Kanda plus, the eponymous tea and other herbal drinks, where the miraculous raw materials is only one of the components.

Useful properties Калир Kanda

How quickly are born sensation, you have already understood. Now let’s skip advertising lyrics and find out what such a useful feature in the Indian plant Калир Kanda (Kalir-kanda). On the weight loss process, it acts in a similar way that makes the African cactus hoodia Gordonii гордони is a popular component of many means for weight loss.

Leaves Калир Kanda or its extract, once in the body, to affect the same areas of the brain which are responsible for the feeling of satiety and the emergence of hunger. Thus, appetite decrease, and in some cases disappears altogether. This helps to easily withstand rigorous diet and hunger. By the way, similar assistance may also have more famous product – saffron (not to be confused with turmeric).

Figuring the useful properties of Калир-Kanda, you can spend another parallel. This time with Coca grown in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. It also gives a feeling of satiety, but at the same time improves mood, and invigorates not worse than coffee. Residents of these countries, including priests, chew the leaves of the plants when they want to give sustenance to his brain during severe mental and emotional stress. But unlike Калир-Kanda, Coca in many countries have long is banned. It is recognized that it has a psycho-neurological and almost narcotic effect.

Калир Kanda can be dangerous

Because the leaves, roots, seeds or other parts of the tree Калир Kanda still not included in the laboratory of our scientists, this tool for weight loss is not recommended. Specific contraindications to the use of plants so far, but we should not be advertising pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who have chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and other internal organs.

Perhaps, now is the time to remember what usually turn attempts to trick your stomach hunger strikes, unloading days and taking of drugs that suppress the appetite. Experienced nutritionists warn you to play these games. Yes, weight loss will come. Perhaps, the effect will be even better than you expected. But here you already two dangers lurk.

First, it is a quick return of the lost kilos. Настрадавшийся body begins to literally squeeze the fats, carbohydrates and proteins from any food that goes into the stomach. All materials will not recycled and actively transform the body fat, fearing that your life can again come «black days».

Secondly, for the time you spent with a joyful mind that doesn’t want to eat, you had not only deprive themselves of excess жирка, and vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids. And it already threatens the long-term consequences in the form of a vitamin deficiency, impaired metabolism, gastritis, stomach ulcers, heart problems, hormonal imbalance etc

Reviews of Калир Kanda

Nastya, aged 25. Калир Kanda with their motto, «fool stomach» complete nonsense! Can understand as herbal teas with hay help you lose weight – they слабят and contribute to colon cleansing. And they me more than once rescued. Bought tablets Калир Kanda plus, cut by instruction reception strictly in the second half of the day). And what? Recovered over the month to 3 kg! Yes, appetite decreased, but say nothing. But where’s this weight gain?

Yulia, 27 years. I want to leave at once two positive revocation bought with a friend capsules Калир Kanda the pharmacy to take at the same time and then compare the results. Now, the effect is really obvious! A friend lost 5 kg (parallel to the riches of Hiking quick step), and I have put off just 3 kg. I Just very lazy, so no special physical stress itself is not утруждала. If you want to achieve the best possible outcomes, activities to help you!

Eugene, 33 years. Healthy lifestyle – this is not about me. Coffee and I drink and I smoke and beer, respect, as it is necessary, under perfect жирненькую snack. But when the arrow on the scale stood at around 90 kg, my wife and I decided that I should change something. Partner of India told about Калир Kanda and brought to the «native» tea. A month later I already weighed 8 pounds less, and the pangs of hunger due to a lack favorite roast meat, pasta and potatoes not experienced spouse specially for me was diet menu). However, it had to give up alcohol – it kills the whole benefit of the plant. Don’t know what the product is sold in our Internet-stores, but the prices really surprised. In their homeland Калир Kanda’s worth a penny.

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