Биозавивка eyelashes

Биозавивка ресниц фотоA beautiful look – today it is not a problem. If you are by nature not enough good eyelashes and build them up no desire procedure thing eyelashes invented just for You!

In the composition of the Perm includes only natural substances that strengthen and живят your eyelashes. The procedure is simple and relatively quick. But to carry it out at home is not recommended.

 Stepwise instruction biological eyelash curler:

  1.  For the beginning you are introduced with the drug, find out the presence of allergic reactions, then conveniently располагаетесь in the chair. On the lower eyelid impose tape, type of Scotch, only special, in order not to touch the bottom lashes and they didn’t change its shape.
  2.  Then take the roller-adhesive desired size (they are all different). Rollers disposable, so about any infections can not worry. After tightening smeared with a special composition, waiting for 30-40 minutes, then washed off with plain water. Possible during the day not to wet. Repeat the procedure every three months.
  3.  Special conditions of care no. As usual, wash your face, shoot makeup. Cilia are not choosy to the sharp overfalls of temperature, do not prevent owners of contact lenses or glasses. You can safely swim in the pool, the sea or a river.

Биозавивка ресниц фотоБиозавивка eyelashes and полуперманентная mascara is another novelty from the salons of beauty. Ink is applied only master, because there are features that you can not even imagine. Procedure takes about an hour. Shoot you need special tools, the tugs will not work.

Биозавивка lash photo before and after the procedure. The difference to a person.
Биозавивка ресниц фотоTraining биозавивка eyelashes, takes place individually with the master. Lasts about two hours. First, you are acquainted with the theory, composition serum, side effects, etc. the Next step is to practice. Where you can enjoy a workout on a model, and hone their skills. After passing the exam is given a training certificate.

The Internet is littered with different kind of literature, but I want to hear the opinions of the clients themselves. And so, биозавивка lash reviews girls:

 Natalia 28 years. I’m the owner, thin, direct cilia. Moreover, they are very direct реденькие and short. Due to this, visually eyes seem smaller. Mascara, tweezers did not solve the problem, look still remained «closed». Increased opportunities nope, and I sleep your face in the pillow, so they will last a relatively long time.
Perming, also failed, leaving a lonely three cilia on both eyes. In one word, topic closed her eyes for a long time.
Though, recently, a friend, seeing my suffering due to a spectacular sight, advised me to buy set thing for lashes and try to do the procedure. Do yourself, and did not dare, she went to the salon to the professionals. I want to say – there was pleasantly surprised.
Eyelids are lifted, by tightening the cilia to the top, the difference is noticeable immediately. Any discomfort during the procedure I felt. And after mascara, received sight as in advertising with thick eyelashes.
More than two weeks have passed, but the effect remains stunning.
Thanks chemists, who invented this wonderful formula. Now one of the main problems solved.

 Irina 33 years. Curling cilia is something. Until not long ago even imagine was that perhaps to the extent change your view. Negative nothing I can say only positive feedback. You can create the desired Flexural strength, and resistance to two months. Restrictions in the choice of the carcass – no, wash fit everyone without exception. Sleep can comfortably walk to the sauna, RUB the eye, in a word habits remain unchanged, and most importantly, what procedure is absolutely painless, fast enough and repeat once in three months. Personally, I was very pleased. All advise.

To get you see биозавивка eyelashes video where gradually lined with the application procedure.

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