Билайт slimming capsule

Билайт капсулы для похуденияMany people know biologically active additive Lida, now slimming capsule Билайт often consider its successor. But the drug Lida from China was notorious for a large number of side effects. Билайт not yet passed the certification in Russia and Ukraine, and will most likely not, so buy it is possible only illegally through online pharmacies and shops or dealers that appear on forums.

How does the tool Билайт losing weight

If you believe the advertising on forums and social networks, drug Билайт promises that weight loss will be directed, uniform, and constant. That is, in the process of receiving the supplements all the excess will go with areas like the waist, abdomen and thighs. On assurance of the manufacturer, the product not only contributes to activating fat burning, but also the normalization of metabolism and blood lipids.

Simultaneously drug assists and high blood pressure, and diabetes, and diagnosed suffering from obesity, and young mothers, who are dreaming to get in shape after childbirth. What caused all these useful slimming effects capsules Билайт? May be, the secret lies in their special composition.

So, read the capsules Билайт:

  • mushroom-tinder;
  • Lotus leaf;
  • hawthorn fruits;
  • the inner shell of chicken ventricle;
  • кокосовидная Poria;
  • rhizome супротивной дискореи.

At first glance it seems that all the ingredients are quite harmless and safe. But those who took a capsule Билайт note that in addition to weight loss, they had to face very suspicious side effects : insomnia, tachycardia, increased flow and salivation, headaches. Although toxic Билайт and is not, but the study of chemical composition nobody was (at least in Russia). Most likely, the Chinese novelty consists sibutramine or any similar substance.

Instruction on application of capsules Билайт

Medication Билайт consists of three stages, each of which contributes to weight loss and improvement in his direction:

  • Билайт 1 normalizes water-salt balance, improves the work of the stomach, strengthens spleen;
  • Билайт 2 breaks down the nutritious substances and distributes from throughout the body, removes toxins, toxins and fats, cleanses the liver;
  • Билайт 3 result reinforces, stimulates and coordinates the functions of internal organs.

According to the instruction to Билайту, to take the drug should be used twice a day for 3 capsules. After half an hour can be taken for food. The duration of the course of diet and a half months. The annotations are also direct contraindications to the use of these pills. Tool Билайт do not use in adolescents, pregnant and lactating women. However, the symptoms usually turn to doctors those who trust this Chinese биодобавке, say that Lida has grown quite «decent» change. So, patients complain of allergic dermatitis, stenocardia, tachycardia, problems with the liver and pancreas, chronic insomnia.

Reviews of capsules Билайт
Lena, 29 years. Those who suffer from hypertension, capsules Билайт, and possibly help. But I always pressure was like a cosmonaut. And as started taking supplements, it was always fall. Naturally, this was accompanied by dizziness, fainting. Pupils I have been expanded as a drug addict, fill it worked only in the morning. Despite all this hell, cut full course and has lost 10 kg of Hope, the weight will not return and I don’t have to use these effective, but terrible pills.

Nastya, 29 years. Cut rate drug Билайт six months ago. Lost 11 kilos of Weight still not returned. I will say more – I have problems with suffering with thyroid (it has increased). Now, after she capsules of iron has decreased on 2 see Even in a year of treatment I could not achieve such a result. I recommend to everyone, not really face instruction to Билайту, and begin receiving one, and only one pill. And always watch out for their condition.

Yulia, 31 years old. I personally’t found in the Билайт anything good. State of mine was terrible – and the heart and the head ached, my ears stood ringing, could not fall asleep until 4 in the morning. Still have shortness of breath (despite the extra weight to receive bad it was not) and bad breath. Later полкурса I threw this mockery of his body. Two weeks gained more than lost (lost three kg, all returned to six).

Anastasia, 30 years. Drink Билайт already 25 days. Nothing bad to say. Side effects were, but only the first 10-12 days. Started reception with two capsules a day. Today my result is minus 11 kg And insomnia and apathy changed unprecedented ease and always in a good mood. The day I drink at least 1.5 liters of water – small amounts frequently. Eat not particularly like, so over cook something special and tasty not bother. Eat only what is useful – fruits, vegetables, dairy and sour-milk products. Until the summer and heat decided to completely refuse from meat.

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