Nails Design

Gel Polish autumn

This season has a huge number of varieties of varnishes and coatings for nails, but the most catchy is the shellac is gel and Polish in one bottle. In this article we will look at what the gel Polish autumn and which are its main advantages. So the first advantage gel Polish fall 2017 is that holds such coverage is not less than two weeks to … Read more “

Manicure in purple colors – How to make a beautiful manicure using Burgundy nail Polish


Маникюр в бордовых тонах

Burgundy hues – darker than scarlet, the color of red wine from Bordeaux! Saturated pieces of color become a classic in nail art. Nails in Burgundy color is ideal for beautiful women of all ages. Burgundy manicure can even be used for strict office dress codes.


Christmas nail design 2018 – nail Polish in the year of the Dog (photo)

Новогодний дизайн ногтей 2018 – маникюр в год Собаки (фото)

Soon, soon the New year 2018! According to the Eastern calendar after Rooster takes over the reins bright, emotional and smart Yellow Dog. Pre-holiday preparations include not only the list of dishes and clothes, it is very important to look perfect. An integral part of new year’s image is a beautiful Christmas nail design 2018.


Furniture for children’s room — how to choose?

In this article we will talk about what to pay attention to, if you choose furniture for children’s room Children’s room — a place for fun and games, not always calm and measured. That is why choosing furniture for a child’s room you must take into account that the surface must be not brand name, and is able to endure a blow from a ball or other object used in the game. In addition to … Read more “

Homemade lamination hair

All like for the new school year very carefully — for adults it is a holiday on 1 September when the kids go to school, for children and teenagers this is the beginning of a new school year after the summer holidays everyone wants to be stylish, with cool new clothes. Our website recommends to buy school supplies, backpacks, bags and accessories the link — then you will remain trend by buying high-quality accessories for Read more “

How gel nail Polish remove the nails from the comfort of home

Of course nogotochki to cover different varnishes on the basis of gel – it’s convenient, beautiful and practical. Handles fine, client is happy, everyone is happy. But that’s not the problem, took you three weeks that way, the growth in place it is not necessary. The master did not hit, the question arises how the gel Polish to remove with nail? And here we come to you for help with their advice. Read more “

Manicure the cat’s eye

Маникюр кошачий глаз

Manicure cat eyes, what is it? It’s not exactly new material for the nail industry to its name he received because of the similarity with a natural stone chrysoberyl (cat’s eye). Special highlights of the base color, which come in the same radiant line. This stone inspired the creators of the gel Polish cat eye. About 6 years ago in a nail with a magnet, but they were not very resistant, respectively, the popularity did not win. But over time, the gel nail with the magnet!


Fashion nails spring-summer 2017 (photo)

Модный маникюр весна-лето 2017 (фото)

Beautiful hands of a woman – that’s all! Hands always at sight and they need regular care, especially with the advent of the warm season. Ladies try to regularly look related fashion trends not only in makeup and clothes, but also in the manicure. Consider some of the main trends of the new season, which are suitable for all women. Your own style for the season “spring-summer 2017” to you!


Fashionable design nail spring-summer 2017 (photo)

Модный дизайн ногтей весна-лето 2017 (фото)

In today’s world a woman has to strictly observe certain rules, among which is the care of hands occupies a special place. Not enough to look beautiful, you need to follow the fashion trends and try to emulate the icons of style and fashion. This article will detail the fashion trends in the world of design of nails spring-summer of 2017.


Fashion nails spring 2017

Neat, healthy nails are an essential attribute of a real woman. If, moreover, they are attractive design and beautiful cover, this lady considered stylish and groomed. To create a coherent female character involves not only a trendy hairstyle, cool accessories, quality clothing and shoes, but also a manicure. So beautiful halves just need to regularly go to a nail parlor or to engage in self care Read more “