Why I need the correction

correction of nailsNowadays women have to look perfect for both men and for themselves. For this purpose, in addition tocosmetic procedures, you must correctly select the clothes, shoes, makeup and hair, and do not forget the nails.
To make your shape each piece evoked the approval and admiration. If you are not naturally endowed with the ideal form of nails, or they are thin and brittle structure – you can fix this by turning to the manicurist. Thanks to modern technology (with the help of acrylic, gel, or silk), it will help you get the desired shape and length of nails, moreover, it will create for you dizaynpo you wish. The procedure takes only 2-3 hours, and the result will please you from 3 to 5 weeks.
Here, many are asking – what to do next. The answer is simple – go to the correct nails.
What does it do? Your nail plate grows (or for whom this is not a secret). And according to the growth of nail graft nogtik “slipping” is closer to the edge.
If you pay attention to your nails, take a look at them sideways – you will see the nail, which is probably mostly just zadumvayutsya manicure. Nail vyaglyadit as arches, smoothly curving. Around the middle of the nail are the highest point, called the “apex”. At this point, the nail plate is very strong, it is at this point is osovnaya load the nail (called the “zone of stress). When the wizard makes the shape of your nails – it is in this zone is increased volume of material to ensure durability. And now, imagine what happens when this point is “sezzhaet” on the edge? Whenever you run the risk of mechanical action to break a nail (a most unpleasant, that not only breaks down the artificial layer, but also has its own plate, since the fibers are securely fastened). your master as you grow your nails will help you choose the optimum interval between corrections. If you care about your nails, do not want to suffer from breakdowns and unscheduled run to the master (or walk with a plaster :)) – follow this gap.

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