White spots on nails: causes

Белые пятна на ногтях: причины появления

Experts say that our nails are a reflection of the inner state of health. Probably everyone has seen on nails white spots (in the form of strips, as circles). This phenomenon there are different interpretations – a sign of good luck, lack of vitamins, health problems, and some even care. Why spots appear on the nail plate and how to get rid of them?

Causes of white spots on the nails

Correct the cause of white marks on nails – the lack of vitamins and microelements. It depends on is not the right products from the diet procedures, lack of eating habits. Any misuse of the products means the deficit of useful microelements and vitamins. Nails begin to report that the need to replenish stocks of vitamins white spots.

Healthy nails depends on vitamin “a”, “E” and “C” and their lack of influence on the nail plate and hair. Try to regularly eat foods with a high content of these vitamins or pharmaceuticals.

Daily baths for nails will improve the circulation, which arranges delivery of all useful substances and strengthen nails. After soaking deals nail and cuticle fish oil.

Not always white spots on nails show a deficit of vitamins. In some cases, it is a signal about the problems with internal organs – lack of protein and kidney problems! If you notice a lot of white spots, go through the examination and get tested. Not only kidneys can “naughty”, white patches can appear when violations in the work of gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system.

Fungal infection. The presence together with white spots thickening of the nail fragility, stratification, darkening testify about the defeat of fungal spores. So the symptoms must be treated with special anti-fungal drugs.

The trauma of the nail. Not a rare cause of the appearance of white spots on the nails of different sizes. Any mechanical and corrosive effects on the base of the nail can cause pigmentation. In such cases, special treatment is not necessary, the spots will disappear when cutting growth of the nail.

Nervous stress. Strangely enough, but the white spots may provoke emotional instability, stressful moments and disorders of nervous system.

The decrease of hemoglobin level. When white pigmentation on nails give blood for analysis. The result depends treatment of nails and a rebalancing of the blood cells. The easiest way to start a course of drugs, and it is possible to fill the power tomatoes, Granada and pomegranate juice, liver and meat.

White spots – not very pleasant aesthetic sight. These problems must be dealt with. Many try to hide the lack of nails, but the problem itself will not disappear. Self-medication is not the answer! Seek the advice of a specialist and be healthy!

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