When and how to cut your nails

Our nails are necessary to us not only for manicures and additions fashion image. In the times of the stone age, for example, nails served weapons. The nail plate is also a skin, only ороговевшая, it protects the tips of his fingers from injury. To preserve the beauty and health need to nail them correctly cut.

Trim the nails should be in a natural form and no matter what they are long. It is possible that shape your nails is far from ideal, but it will be comfortable and safe. Naturalness is always in fashion! Rounded nail will not grow into finger nails always beautiful and well-groomed, nail plate will not break up, and other

When properly trim the nail never cut nails «the roots». Many will say that it is practical, but such «practicality» you can only do harm. Under the nail plate is very tender skin and a perfect length for short nails, should not be less than 0.1 mm

For trimming of nails, use special manicure scissors with pointed tips, then your nail plate will not delaminate. You can also use nail clippers. Making small movements tweezers can cut the nail very gently without damaging the nail plate. The free edge of the cut off nail Polish nail files.

Learn how to cut your nails, and you never will be not a problem!

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