What nails choose to please a man

Какие ногти выбрать, чтобы угодить мужчине

Beautiful half of humanity, love long conversations among themselves, which often discusses the different women’s tricks. With the advent of techniques of nail extension, the kind of talk is all the more concerned it is these nuances. Girls arguing about which is best varnish, what form of nail length, but completely forget sometimes that on this issue, what men think.

In all questions about a woman’s appearance opinion of men, perhaps, is not decisive, but it is very important because, in the end, all delights and subtleties of the secrets of female beauty calculated on the attention of the opposite sex. Girls in pursuit of fashion and new trends began to forget for whom they were still trying.

So what is your nails like men? First of all, of course, well-groomed. Every aspect of a woman’s appearance is not so important style or image, as accuracy and neatness. Regardless of form and color, men will like nails clean and neatly painted. If a girl is missing manicure, dirt under your fingernails and cracked varnish, these hands will turn even the most exacting man. In this case, neither the most popular color varnish, nor trendy nail form.

So together with varnish choose another means of nail care, at the same time to go and shop hairdressing accessories to hair you have had the procedure.

The form most men, according to numerous surveys, prefer oval nails and square with rounded corners. Pointed, супердлинные and nails unusual forms are not very attracted and even repel the strong half. Oval and square nails men seem the most natural and too long and unnatural forms nails they consider ugly. Here the thing is, apparently, a subconscious desire of men see a woman the most natural. It is proved that for too long manicure intuitively, they perceived as an anomaly, then there is a defect in appearance. In addition, our heroes do not favor the big nail length, because that’s who she seems uncomfortable.

In General, men vote for the naturalness and therefore their casehardened no nail-art, nor sculpture, nor applications with feathers, sequins and beads. Here they’re not in trend and advanced not call them. Flight design imagination of man’s heart can accept it only in special cases, such as a holiday, a romantic date, etc.

Basically they like nails not exceeding a length of 1 cm and painted in shades of beige, pink and pearl. Very many people like a French manicure and its variation.

But everything is relative and maybe your partner shares your tastes in manicure and can assess any experiments.

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