What is onychophagia?

bad habit of biting his nails

Nail biting habit has its own name – onychophagia. This is perhaps the most common method of removing nervous tension. People suffering from this disease do not realize is that they do. Watching TV, reading books or talking on the phone, they eat them quite unconsciously nails. There are a number of “nervous” habits such as keeping your fingers in your mouth, scratching certain parts of the body to wind the hair on your finger – and this includes onychophagia. Very often, the disease is hereditary, not genetically, but just the children repeat the actions of adults. If a child sees that the father or mother chews his nails – he starts to chew on their own. This habit is common among all age groups. 50% of children aged 10 to 18 bite your nails. The majority assumes the habit during adolescence. What’s interesting – this habit is more characteristic of boys, and runs up to 30 years.A person who bites his nails could easily have a number of other nervous habits.Besides the fact that the process is very unaesthetic – fingers are also affected lobe, and the last phalanges of the fingers all the time the red, inflamed, may bleed cuticle. Onihovagiya can lead to blood poisoning – TC burrs and cracks on the hands are a beneficial environment for the development of various kinds of infections. If you do not unlearn this habit – can be broken estesstvenno nail growth.

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