what is Nail?

что же такое ноготь?

To know how to properly care for your nails, we must first know what is the nails.

Sufficiently strong, horny plates on the arms and legs, which are located at the outer extremity of the fingers are called fingernails. They are located in what is called the nail bed. The main function of the nail – protection of the last phalanges of any mechanical damage.

The tip of the nail plate is free, and the side edges and the inner part surrounded by a skin fold and go under the skin. Sprout nail area is protected from foreign bacteria Teli nail roller. He is also part of the skin fold, which “crawls” on the nail.

The extreme part of the roll – it’s dead cells of skin (cuticle), which die and exfoliate otmiraya from, and what form, and burrs.

Nail plate can be divided into the body and root. Root – it is the rear part of the nail, under the rear roller. From beneath the roller serves a very small portion of the nail root – vyaglyadit it as a piece of whitish crescent-shaped nail, which is called the crescent nail. Nail root is also called the matrix. Considered that it is the matrix – a place where emerging and growing nail plate.

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