Vitamins for nail

Витамины для ногтей

For the health of our nails need vitamins. These can be obtained from food and can be obtained in pharmacies and add the cream. You can make vitamin massage fingers and nails, it is very useful.
Presented below vitamins are needed for complex care of nails. They help keep the natural beauty and health of your nails. You don’t need expensive cosmetic procedures in the salon.

Vitamin «C» – participates in the process of pigmented lesions and carbon exchange, stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It stimulates the protection of the nails and the growth of connective tissue.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine)- helps support healthy hair, nails and skin.

Vitamin B6 – this vitamin is responsible for the development of hair and nails. He found in fish, potatoes, meat, and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin A(retinol) – actively participates in reconstruction and exchange processes, regulates the action of the sebaceous glands. Makes the skin elastic, protects the skin from aging and prevents brittle nails.

Vitamin D helps phosphorus and calcium to maintain healthy teeth and nails. A deficiency of this vitamin in the organism leads to rickets and weakening of bone tissues. It is produced independently by the sun.

Vitamin E (acetate) – stimulates develop immunity, protects against cancer, slowing the appearance of wrinkles, stimulates metabolic processes in the epidermis. It is contained in seeds, nuts, green vegetables, vegetable oils. Very useful for nails, so it is added to the composition of creams and nail Polish remover.

Your nails will always perfect, if you ensure their full range of all the necessary vitamins.

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