Unlearn nail biting

unlearning as nail bitingSince this habit is to nervous habits, you can get rid of it by changing the behavior, if this helps – remove barriersto the physical layer

1. Cut the nails in a day, leaving a minimal free edge. Watch for the state of the hands,grease cream, butter. Well-groomed appearance, and constant work to ensure that they are beautiful might discourage them to spoil.

2. Use the nail polish in the process of hand care. Women can choose the color of your choice, men – to take advantage of transparent lacquer or nail polish special sawing. For women, there is acrucial option – stick or build up artificial nails – dense coating will prevent you from biting them, and your naturalnails grow back, pads vosstanovyatsya.

3. Learn how to manage their feelings and emotions, as very often people bite nails during agitation, anxiety, enhanced mental performance.

4. Pharmacies sell special bitter means. How do they work? Have a bitter taste when you just take your fingersin your mouth – feel unpleasant taste, and remember that nail biting impossible.

5. Try replacing that habit for another – iterate over the beads, pour the coins, my grandfather always had twochestnut in his pocket and rolled them out of the finger in the finger.

6. Identify the points at which you unknowingly eat them nails. During these periods, just doing something hands.

7. Pinch yourself for the tendon just below the palm every time “catch” a nibble of the nails. Work the effect of “Pavlov’s dog” – a process of nails sgryzaniya be associated with unpleasant pain.

8. If your child chews his nails – this can be the first beacon that he has problems at school, with friends orteachers. Talk to him about his prolemy (nenavyaschivo). It is important to note about this habit – a problem andneed to get rid of it.

I’ll tell you about their personal experiences. I chewed his nails up to 12 years. At one point, while watching a movie on the screen showed a manicure vse stunning beauty. The nails were of medium length, well-groomedhands. Glancing at his stumps, I decided – enough. From that day on I started to grow a manicure. Oh, my fatherswore at the sight of bright paints 🙂 The second option – braces. They certainly do not need everything, but if yourchildren of crooked teeth, you fix two problems at once. With braces biting his nails did not turn out as well over a year he had to unlearn from it :).

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