Types of problem nail

Виды проблемных ногтей

Beautiful, long nails are part of the image of women. Although not every representative of the fairer sex can these nails boast. And if the nail form given at birth, the health depends on our habits and lifestyle. Constant care, attention to the condition of the nails you need not only to eliminate possible problems, but certainly for prevention. After all, many troubles connected with nails, can be eliminated with the help of natural remedies. Sometimes there is no improvement, and here you urgently need to ask for help, to prevent transition of the disease into a chronic form.

Consider the kinds of problem nail:

1 species of Brittle nails.

This is the response to frequent interaction between your hands with caustic detergents, also for a long stay in hot water and frequent use nail Polish remover. To avoid the disease of skin and nails, grease them with a protective cream. A wonderful option for the selection of creams offers, Oriflame catalogue. Especially proved a series of “soft velvet”. Protect skin and nails can and waterproof gloves, do not forget to wear every time to wash, dry cleaning, or washing the dishes.

2 – Layer nails.

When there is a bundle? As a rule, because of unbalanced diets and, of course, improper care of the nails. If you in your diet will add lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and will regularly take vitamin – mineral complexes, it can help you cope with this problem. Exfoliating nails can become a signal problems with the thyroid. Treat more attentive to their health and follow advice from a doctor.

3 – Yellow nails.

Often turn yellow from Smoking not only your teeth and nails. When you saw on your nails yellow color, it can temporarily fix using a composition in the form of creams, liquid or gel. To do this, just apply it on the nail, then with the help of cosmetic wipes , RUB it. The result will not wait long, it occurs practically instantly. Contained in the product – acid, easily dissolve plaque, but its effect was only a month. There is another reason yellowness nail is incorrect maintenance and application of bright paints. Before you decide to paint your nails, be sure to cover them with special sustaining basis.

Using these tips, your nails will always well-groomed and healthy!

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