The beauty of a woman’s hands and nails

Красота женских рук и ногтей

Our life is in full swing and we the women always want to look great. Especially it concerns the hands that first show our attitude to themselves, and that they did not let us down, there are several options for maintaining youthful hands and nail salon.

All the women try to preserve their youth and beauty, and skin of the hands, no less attention is paid. They immediately give us when we forget them spread cream, or make a dish, and if you could not pay due attention to the nails, all. Having met a handsome knight, will have to hide his eyes, because to stretch out his hand to kiss will be impossible.

To avoid problems with your hands and nails, it is necessary to take care of them, and not from time to time and regularly. When we live in a furious pace, we have little time remains on itself, so you need to consider how to look beautiful, but to spend a minimum of time.

In order not to spend a lot of time for a manicure has developed a new coating for nails, which was called the gel nail. This lacquer, which is made on the basis of the gel, stays on nails for three weeks, not tarnish or sloughs off crack. Procedure you can do at home, but you need a special lamp and 30 minutes of time.

Beautiful manicured nails will become your calling card. After application of the gel lacquer they will be much stronger, which will allow them to grow longer than before.

Choosing a color varnish, should focus on different factors: lifestyle, closet, time of year and other. I’d like to say about girls appetizing forms, mostly have fingers fit their body type, so you need to choosing the color of nail Polish approached as responsibly as when recharging your wardrobe with new things. Because clothes for full has the subtleties choice and wearing, it удлиняла your silhouette, making your figure more slender. The same goes for manicure and color varnish, all should be combined and harmonized.

Holders of short nails can quickly extend if necessary. Now there are two nail technology, using a special liquid gel or acrylic, dry powder bred in a special solution. What method is to increase the nails, no definite answer. Some girls best kept gel, other acrylic, and is also of great importance professional master of manicure and materials used. If you want your accrued nails please you for a long time, refer to the master, which can be heard only positive feedback.

And let your hands always look young, manicure will be in a perfect condition and in a mad rhythm of your life you are sure to find time for their personal needs, the implementation of which will bring you lots of positive emotions and forces moving on, not stopping at the achieved.

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