Take care of your nails with the young

From the frequent change of yellow nails and nail bed

Frequent changes adversely affect manicure on your nails, they become brittle, change color and start toexfoliate. This is due to the fact that you use nail polish remover, which even in the absence of acetone in the composition, affects the nail plate (nail changes color, sometimes it becomes a yellow-orange). This is not touse the translucent and transparent pastel colors – yellow plate will shine through.
To restore the natural color to take a break from painting nails (or, for example, use “smart enamel”).
Color can also soak notog if you are using paints dark or bright colors. Do not panic – use a lighter tone, or useone of the “healing” coatings – their great selection in pharmacies. Keep hands and vishimi nogtikami note that 26% of men when meeting with a girl first of all pay attention to her hands.

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