Sealing of the nail

sealing the nailSealing of the nail – very fashionable and common procedure today. Most of the shops it creates a wholemystery – adding to the sealing ritual bath with salts, scented lotions, massage kistets hands and fingers, usingscented candles or sticks, for a complete relaxation of the client.

If you want to strengthen the thin and brittle nails, stimulate growth and restore the building after removal – sealingwax is exactly what you need. The main component of this process is a product that is based on beeswax. Due to this, it has a pronounced softening, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Beeswax – very helpful. It contains a large amount of carotenoids – pro-vitamin A (12.8 mg per 100 g), as well as glue, resin, beta-carotene and another 300 items.

With the help of a piece of suede material (finished pieces, or suede professional nail with the handle), rubbing the paste into the nail. To get the desired result – no need to smear a means to the surface (this will not lead to anything). Gently rub the paste moving the sawing of the nail (the movement should be like a boat rocking on the waves). Be sure to start a paste for the end of the nail – this part most affected by external damage and bundles.

From soft suede material movement increases blood under the nail plate, layer by layer, it “warms up” and begins to absorb the mineral components of the paste wax melts and covers the nail thin plenochkoy, covering the entire area of ​​the nail (including the area at the side rollers). The result is visible immediately – nails shiny and has a healthy pinkish tinge, visually appears denser and thicker.

To fix the brightness and the completion of the master of special powder sprinkled nails. To the touch it is soft, like “pollen”, when in contact with the skin absorbs a little bit. This pollen is absorbed into the waxy layer on the nail, and produces a “hitch.” This procedure establishes the final protective layer on the nail.

A huge plus of the nail – you can safely wash the dishes with detergent stredstvami, contact with the sand, swim in the sea, and the means to use alcohol to remove the nail. Glitter will remain, and the film will remain on the nail, firmly protecting it from harmful external environment, and feeding it with minerals. The film is kept for three weeks. If desired, after the expiration of this period, you can repeat the procedure.

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