Rules of Nail Care

beautiful handsI think every woman wants to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your hands on doglie years. You do not need any special operations or procedures. In total, just follow a few rules and your pens and 60 will not give your age.
All work on the house, where you come in contact with water, dirt, detergents be sure to wear gloves.
Wash your hands only means (be it soap or gel) in which there are supplements to moisturize the skin.

When the cold time of year you go out – wear gloves or mittens to keep frostbite and weather-beaten skin.

If you have any reason to wet your hands – thoroughly dry with a soft towel, if you have already completed (eg washing dishes). This will save you from burrs.

Do not forget, twice a day (especially in winter) to grease the hands of vitamin nutritional creams.

Be careful what you eat. If you for some reason (diet or personal preference) do not eat foods that are part of vitamins A and E – take them separately, in the form of pharmaceutical vitamins. Otherwise, very soon, your nails will speak to you about this – will begin to break and crack. Good luck!

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