Recommendations for aromatherapy

advice on aromatherapyIn the selection of aromatic oils must take into account the age, temperament, skin type, health status, as well as identify the problems that you want to fight. If the oil came from someone you know – do not rush to take this, though. It is also an important criterion is the smell. He must like you, that you were pleased to do the procedure.Be sure to spend a sensitivity test by trying to butter in a small area of ​​skin. If you have sensitive hands – watch out doubly.

And do not forget the main rule – almost all the oil can not be applied to the skin undiluted. They must be dissolved in the base oil (peach, almond, avocado, etc).

At the beginning of the use of essential oils should be administered with low doses and gradually increasing the concentration. The most important condition for the use of aromatherapy is the strict adherence to the recommended doses. In the case of an overdose may be nausea, anxiety and emotional excitement.

You can also combine oils is recommended to start with two or three kinds of oils. As long as you do not know the properties and effects on your body different types of oils – watch carefully that you mix that has not turned out that you use oils that do not fit together. And remember an important rule of aromatherapy – more is not better.Do not use aroma oils of low and of questionable quality. Due to the popularity of aromatherapy treatments, appeared on the market a great many fakes.

Aromatherapy – a modern, all-natural way to maintain excellent tone, physical fitness and emotional balance.Spa treatments often include aromatherapy. In addition to the benefits you will always get a good mood and enjoyment of the process. The funds are used, are within a few days after application. Try it – and you will love it.

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