Paraffin therapy


Seasonal changes have a very strong influence on the whole organism. And the skin, the largest organ in our body, requires additional attention. In spring it is necessary procedures, enhancing vitamins and trace elements, in summer – moisturizing, autumn and winter, we must care about the necessary food and protection from the adverse effects of the external environment.

Is there a cosmetic procedure that can help them in any time of the year to maintain the beauty of our skin? Indeed, there is. This is a well known and popular procedure – paraffin.

In the offseason, the most demanded paraffin hands and face. Exposed areas of the skin are very vulnerable to the negative action of wind and cold on the street. But not less harm she has a dry indoor air. Red, dry, irritated skin are direct indications for paraffin.

In summer time the most in demand paraffin foot. Isn’t compatible chic new sandals and dry, hardened heel? Immediately after the first procedure, you will notice a positive result. The skin becomes soft and smooth. The course of 5 to 10 procedures help you get rid of problems like corns, cracks, corns.
Body wraps, Parafango (a mixture of natural paraffin and mud from the Gulf of Saint – Michel/France) to help in the shortest time period to restore the silhouette, restore skin elasticity and youth.

Efficiency paraffinotherapy

It should be noted that the paraffin is characteristic for its curative therapeutic indications. The procedure is essential for relaxation and relief of muscle tension, is very useful in diseases of the joints due to its прогревающим properties, and is particularly effective in conditions with acute violations of the processes of regeneration of skin (ichthyosis).

The efficacy of the paraffin is the unique properties of the hot wax, which is capable of evenly and deeply warm the tissue, activating a series of physiological reactions. As a result of sharply increases the number of functioning capillaries, increases metabolism. With profuse sweating allocated detoxication products, which are absorbed by paraffin. Also very important is the ability of paraffin to a decrease in the volume of cooling. This leads to easy squeezing the tissue that effectively restores the skin tone and elasticity, helps to eliminate excess fluid. Under applique paraffin increases the ability of skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients from paraffin, and products that applied under the program.

Execution paraffinotherapy

For heating of paraffin require special heating devices (paraffin), who work in термостатическом mode, keeping the temperature within 52-54°C. it is Important to consider that for a full растопления paraffin need about three hours! Professional paraffin baths are designed to work all day and consume little electricity (about 0.55 kW/hour). It is important to maintain the desired level of paraffin (specified in the instrument) and always close the cover to prevent dust and reduce electricity consumption. If the client came in the morning and paraffin bath had no time растопиться to the desired state, offer the client the procedure of paraffinotherapy using cold paraffin.

The procedure of paraffinotherapy is recommended once a week. The course of 5 to 10 procedures.

So, demonstrate step-by-step execution procedure «Paraffin hand».

Step 1. Remove from the hands decoration, remove the varnish from the nail plate (paraffin reduces fragility, nourishes, promotes the growth of healthy nails). Treat the skin with a small amount of Gel-antiseptic with ions of silver.»


Step 2. With the help of light massage with a «Gel-exfoliant» remove dead skin particles. Micro granules of polyethylene crumbs gently cleanse the skin, stimulate cell regeneration and metabolism in tissues. Included in the aloe extract and glycerin moisturize and tone up the skin. The remains remove the cloth.

Step 3. UVA «Cream-mask collagen-elastin». The active components of the cream-mask effectively prevent aging of the skin, activates cell metabolism, make the skin supple and elastic, restores moisture balance and elasticity.


Step 4. Revealing fingers gently dipped a hand up to the wrist in heated paraffin (temperature 52-54 OC), expect 2-3 seconds to take out a hand for 5 seconds and repeat dive before the formation of a uniform and dense layer of wax (3 to 4 dives). The hand must be relaxed.

Don’t forget to check the temperature of the wax on the back of the hand before diving!

Step 5. Put hands in a protective plastic bag. Be sure to prepare it in advance!


Step 6. Put on top Terry mittens and carefully close to preserve heat.

Step 7. After 10-15 minutes, remove the mittens and remove the wax together with protective package, starting from the wrist.


Step 8. Complete the procedure of application of protective cream for hands and nails cuticle.

Paraffin foot hold after the pedicure and use waxes, possess antiseptic and regulatory sweating properties. Most often it is the tea tree oil paraffin or lavender.
Application of cold paraffin

ПарафинотерапияIf there are contraindications to the thermal procedures (hypertension, vascular disease), or in your cabin, no paraffin baths, you can use cold paraffin. This procedure is very simple to perform and do not require additional equipment for heating of paraffin. Cold paraffin has the consistency of soft butter is applied to the skin with a spatula or brush. Your client can lay down on a couch or sitting in a chair hairdresser!

The procedure is similar to the purification of the skin with a Gel-exfoliant», application of nourishing Cream-mask call геноэластиновой», then cold wax (paraffin mask «Express-sauna»), a polyethylene package, Terry mitten/sock.

ПарафинотерапияCold paraffin does not set, and Vice versa, is melted under the heat of the body, forming an airtight film. As a result, skin begins to actively absorb the active ingredients. The exposure time of 20 to 30 minutes. After this time, remove the mitten and, starting from the wrist, together with a plastic bag, remove the wax. The remains wipe with a damp cloth or towel. Complete massage with protective cream.

In the «Paraffin mask Express-sauna» is highly purified paraffin, mineral oil, black cumin oil, vitamin E, ceresin. These components are easily restore dry and irritated skin. Black cumin (Nigella Sativa) stimulates the immune system, strengthens protective forces of the body. It has a brightly expressed regenerating and antioxidant effect. Effect of application of paraffin mask «Express-sauna» visible already after the first session – the skin becomes soft, hydrated and soft. Due to the deep penetration nutrients effect is longer and quality, and the rate of 5 procedures guarantees strongly expressed rejuvenating effect.

Adopt the unique capabilities of paraffin and give beauty!

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