Nails Care

Unlearn nail biting

как отчучиться грызть ногти

Since this habit is to nervous habits, you can get rid of it by changing the behavior, if this helps – remove barriersto the physical layer 1. Cut the nails in a day, leaving a minimal free edge. Watch for the state of the hands,grease cream, butter. Well-groomed appearance, and constant work to ensure that they are beautiful might discourage them to spoil. 2. Use the nail polish in the process of hand care. Women can choose the color of your choice, men – to take advantage of transparent lacquer or nail polish special sawing. For women, there is acrucial option – stick or build up artificial nails – dense coating will prevent you   Read more »

What is onychophagia?

вредная привычка грызть ногти

Nail biting habit has its own name – onychophagia. This is perhaps the most common method of removing nervous tension. People suffering from this disease do not realize is that they do. Watching TV, reading books or talking on the phone, they eat them quite unconsciously nails. There are a number of “nervous” habits such as keeping your fingers in your mouth, scratching certain   Read more »